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  • by Ray Dunakin 2 hours ago
    Thanks guys! 
    John, I have spent some time in Pershing County, most recently in 2016. I don't get up that way very o...  more
  • by David Marconi,FOGCH 2 hours ago
    Just to let you know I am still upgrading my pass car fleet but, this one will go into a new article.
    Still a ways to go but the...  more
  • by David Palmeter 3 hours ago
    Thanks, Forrest, some interesting ideas for my project. Hope you have a chance to get it running, very well done so far!
    Tramcar...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler 4 hours ago
    Gregory Hile said:
    There was talk awhile back about a group taking the Coast Starlight up, Anyone still up for that?
    Brave folks...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler 6 hours ago
    Ken Brunt said:
    Steve Featherkile said:
    Rats, I can't make it, again.  
    And what the hell is your excuse this time?......  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler 6 hours ago
    Jon Radder said:
    Don Watson said:
    I thought everyone brought their 'thinks' but not too many things.
    Doc...  more
  • by Pete Lassen 8 hours ago
    Thanks Gary for the information/explainations, I for one am perfectly willing to pay more for American made products, so very ti...  more
  • by Jon Radder 9 hours ago
    Even with the white metal issues, these are nice cars. When I saw RLD had a great $65 price on them at ECLSTS I picked up anothe...  more
  • by Rex Ammerman Sat at 11:55 PM
    I have a USA 5344 Hudson I  mite sell. I have 3 USA Hudson's and love them !Its set up for track or battery and has a Revol...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Sat at 11:12 PM
    I read this: "The Digitax prompts aren't as good as menus, but it does give me the choice of 2 or 4 digit addressing."
    as a comp...  more
  • by Pat McCarty Sat at 9:19 PM
    Thanks for the tutorial Dave, I don't care what Shawn says about you, you're aces in my book. Was great seeing you and the other...  more
  • by Bob Cope Sat at 8:03 PM
    David, where are you trying to link pictures from? I do hope they are not on your local computer.
  • by Tony Walsham Sat at 6:09 PM
    42" gauge Rr's were also in New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and South Africa.
    3 ft 6 in gauge railways
    They were even recommended for...  more
  • by Eric Mueller Sat at 4:43 PM
    Got 'em.  $4 each, with a connector on each end.  Cut them in half, one end "power out" from the controller, and the o...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks Sat at 2:56 PM
    Thanks, Pete. The mobile version of these forums mess with picture uploads
  • by Shane Stewart Sat at 12:04 PM
    Hi John,
    I use a Silhouette Cameo (cutter). I think a few others are using them. I freely share my files. Maybe if there ...  more
  • by Dennis Rayon Sat at 6:58 AM
    Thanks Jim, I thought about your friends comment that all alliterations is an absolutely awful awkward absence of thought. O hec...  more
  • by David Maynard Sat at 5:51 AM
    With no size reference in the first post, I didn't know if the part was big enough to be an under-frame, or as small as an equip...  more
  • by Tom Grabenstein Fri at 6:31 PM
    Here is a short video of the operating steam donkey loading logs at the landing on the mini layout.  more
  • by Eric Mueller Fri at 5:14 PM
    Nice!  I love your tram.  We have LGB's Fueriger Elias and the old boy is a family and fan favorite...even when ...  more
  • by John Bouck Fri at 10:21 AM
    Obviously not county workers, or they would all be standing around drinking coffee while the FNG does all the work.
  • by Dan Hilyer Thu at 8:38 PM
    " Rooster " said:
    Rick Marty said:
    Dan Hilyer said:
    Rick Marty said:...  more
  • by Todd Brody Thu at 8:29 PM
    I cut the first acrylic bent and two more sets of the cross pieces today.  Each bent takes about 32 minutes to cut.  &...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley Thu at 6:32 PM
    Pete Lassen said:
    I  think I would insist on them doing the spinal tap while you are out for the lift the hood and poke aro...  more
  • by Jon Radder Thu at 5:11 PM
    Pete Lassen said:
    Jon, Is there a grommet to seal the rod/casing area, I think this would work great for my outdoor switches and...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Thu at 12:21 PM
    So they should help (complete the loop) so there kids have a same/ better memory...
    Have a Build a grandpa trestle party ...
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Thu at 11:09 AM
    I got some time to run a short train on the first day of spring ..
  • by Pete Lassen Thu at 11:03 AM
    after watching the video a couple of times I see some potential problem spots I need to address, some abrupt connections and not...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks Wed at 10:12 PM
    I have a possible culprit identified as dirty pick ups.