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Recent Topics

  • by Sean McGillicuddy 34 minutes ago
    Just remember one piece at a time
  • by Tommy Mejia 5 hours ago
    I took apart the frame and glued rivet detail to the firebox.  So here I’m thinking some of these screws I don’...  more
  • by John Caughey 6 hours ago
    Yeah but ...
    OK I'm thinking broader terms and you are CP/ V&T specific.
  • by Cliff Jennings 7 hours ago
    I'd like to put my recommendation for Dan in as well, he's helped me several times.
  • by Dan Gilchrist 8 hours ago
    Martin Sant said:
    Not to derail too much but I always wanted to do a styrene sheet/3d model approach for this fellow:
    http://www...  more
  • by todd whittier 9 hours ago
    Up for sale lightly used USA trains S4. Originally a NYC model, repainted into private road name. track pickup has been converte...  more
  • by John K. Saunders 11 hours ago
    this is largely how I weather as well
    put on too much paint  then use q-tips to remove it
    the process is more about removin...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings 11 hours ago
    With 3d printing, one process is great for one preferred outcome, another for another. 
    FDM (Fused Deposition Modeli...  more
  • by Korm Kormsen Tue at 6:30 PM
    you have got no R1 curves, i suppose...
  • by Mark Hadler Tue at 5:59 PM
    Don't look at it as a "wasted" time, look at it as an opportunity for other possible locomotives to model. 
    You are ...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Tue at 5:41 PM
    Dymaxion car:
    Bucmaster Fuller, of geodesic dome fame:
  • by Cliff Jennings Tue at 5:30 PM
    Good deal. Wendell's the man! 
  • by Mark Demyan Tue at 4:56 PM
    Thanks Dave Yankee Dabbler is cheaper than the others.
  • by Andy Clarke Tue at 2:59 PM
    Just a ""heads up"" for anyone driving down to the house from Interstate 64:
    They have been working on the road from Wash...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer Tue at 10:57 AM
    Jim, I will echo what Eric and Joe said about Prusa 3D printers. I have the Prusa MK2.5S and love it. I’ve had it for abou...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Tue at 7:07 AM
    You're making it look too easy ...Great progress...
  • by Greg Elmassian Mon at 8:40 PM
    Rex, I'll be in Tennessee next year! And then RJ's...
  • by Jerry Bohlander Mon at 6:07 PM
    What have I done?
  • by Cliff Jennings Mon at 11:38 AM
    Hahaa! That's a good one David!
  • by Cliff Jennings Mon at 12:19 AM
    Stupid nothing, you knew that thing was a "mule," haha! Thanks for helping me out. 
  • by james royal October 13
    Our local craft store,Michael's, is selling laser cut lettering that reminds me of the plywood cutouts businesses used to use fo...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks October 13
    Had friends over for the last set-up of the season. No trains running as my TE transmitter died last week and the replacement I ...  more
  • by Fred Mills. October 13
    Good thoughts on the question...most appreciated. Thank you all.
      Fred Mills
  • by Pete Thornton October 13
    Now that's a steam effect - cool and not very windy in Maryland.
    My K4 and Pennsy coaches, and Dan's coaches passi...  more
  • by Korm Kormsen October 12
    talking about back-ups...
    did anybody make a back up lately?
    i saved the text and the picture URLs from all my building p...  more
  • by Bill Sakalaucks October 12
    There is someone selling a Mighty moe on fb. Check my previous post for their name and group
  • by Chris Kieffer October 12
    Coming along nicely Jim.
  • by Don Eyermann October 12
    Ever notice you cannot find Bus Models for your Garden Railway?
    After some years of searching, for my collection, I found a priv...  more
  • by Joe Zullo October 12
    Rooster ' said:
    Nick S. said:Nice work David, I did mine up a couple of years ago almost the same way you did. They do make a co...  more