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  • by Rick Marty 3 minutes ago
    Great project, where is it located? Sacramento is a big place.
  • by John Bouck 8 minutes ago
    That is a .jpg loaded from my photo album on the Mac straight to the freight shed . It stayed a .jpg during the transfer. If I w...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley 14 minutes ago
    A Hillary vs Trump car. Now that's funny stuff. 
  • by Devon Sinsley 19 minutes ago
    Some sort of rail vehicle would be fun. 
  • by Jon Radder 24 minutes ago
    I don't know if you can drop the frame on the car you are working on, but if you can, this is how I solved it on an Aristo Class...  more
  • by " Rooster " 2 hours ago
    Greg Elmassian said:
    Hah, you been harassing me to read the post twice.... the link is there, in bold blue italic:
    If int...  more
  • by Ken Brunt 2 hours ago
    Bruce D. Chandler said:
    Mark said:
    Great idea Bruce.  My wife and I do like Nashville and this would be a great excuse to g...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings 2 hours ago
    Thanks very much Devon! Yeah, the car had a lot of gingerbread on it; I kept finding another piece of hardware to account for, i...  more
  • by Craig Griffin 2 hours ago
    Hi Dave,
    The weathered box car arrived.
    All looks good.
    Nice weathering job....  more
  • by Matt Hutson 2 hours ago
    Thank you, Shane. it's been a fun project.
    Okay, now it's starting to all come together:
    The reflectors are 3M red reflec...  more
  • by Bob Cope 2 hours ago
    Weren’t the Rotarys standard gauge on narrow gauge trucks?
  • by David Maynard 4 hours ago
    I understand doing the ring thing to reduce voltage drop along the line. But why not several rings, or circuits. That way the lo...  more
  • by Ken Brunt 7 hours ago
    Pete Lassen said:
    I will stop by on Sunday on my drive from Fresno to Phoenix!
    Bring your work gloves.............
  • by Dan Patterson 11 hours ago
    Hey guys, I just heard from Ric Golding about the interest in work cradles. I'm still available for orders for the cradles and e...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer Fri at 10:10 PM
    Simple, rustic, practical, useful.  What more could one ask for?  Great builds, John.
  • by Dan Hilyer Fri at 8:52 PM
    Fine looking car, Mike.  Weathering is top notch.  Thanks for sharing.
  • by " Rooster " Fri at 7:19 PM
    If in doubt on the curve you could always skew it a bit
  • by Cliff Jennings Fri at 5:20 PM
    Great story, David. Whereabouts (I assume in the UK) do you live now?
    (I was going to ask how Julian went about preserved Sir Ni...  more
  • by Noel Wilson Fri at 4:35 PM
    The NMRA and PCR conv. keep asking us to have any open hour on a tour  Yup...  I forgot about it and then BAMB.... Her...  more
  • by Andy Clarke Fri at 11:58 AM
    Ken Brunt said:
    I hope it dries out enough. We went through there heading out to Branson and it seemed like most of the state wa...  more
  • by Pete Thornton Fri at 11:08 AM
    This L'il Big Hauler Baggage never fit with my plans, and I don't have room for it so it has to go.  Complete with a Bachma...  more
  • by John Fri at 10:04 AM
     Yes and those are crazy prices for the 2 listed . 
  • by Ken Bianco Fri at 9:41 AM
    MTH G Scale New Announcements! SD70ACe And GS4 With LED Lights!
  • by Ken Brunt Fri at 9:40 AM
    Weather outlook for next weekend:
    APR 26...  more
  • by Shawn Viggiano Fri at 8:07 AM
    " Rooster " said:
    Sean McGillicuddy said:
    Hey Roosta….  this Shawn guy is …… He has to have his own Sp...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley Fri at 12:23 AM
    John Bouck said:
    Here's the one I built a few years ago.
    And of course John yours is a work of art. Was finally nice to p...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley Thu at 10:31 PM
    Dan Hilyer said:
    Nice job on the details, Devon. I really like the bench and table. 
    I am going to make a passed out drunk ...  more
  • by Tom Grabenstein Thu at 10:20 PM
    My latest creation for the upcoming On30 ET&WNC layout is one of Tweetsie’s iconic wooden hopper cars. My modeling bud...  more
  • by Devon Sinsley Thu at 10:16 PM
    If there is a prototype John C. will find it. I don't think I have stumped him yet.