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Recent Topics

  • by Dan Gilchrist 6 minutes ago
    todd whittier said:
    Thanks for advice Dan. I have made several offers and have been rejected. I was hoping to find a little luck...  more
  • by Pete Thornton 9 minutes ago
    Are you sure you were attacked, or did your browser just lock up?
    Well, this bright red screen popped up with a yellow box WINDO...  more
  • by Lou Luczu 53 minutes ago
    Lookie what I found. A pile of leftover facing stones from a previous challenge.
    Along with the Bachman Shortline Baggage...  more
  • by Ted Doskaris 1 hour ago
    RE: Aristo #6 Turnout Inherent Problems
    Illustrated below is a view of the Aristo #6 frog that suffered from wheel drop down.[im...  more
  • by Ron Hill 1 hour ago
    I like using Ambroid Pro Weld Professional plastic welder when gluing plastic together. I have used it on a couple of scratch bu...  more
  • by R.J. DeBerg 1 hour ago
    Bill, Thanks for the switch should work out just fine.  Later RJD
  • by Pete Thornton 2 hours ago
    Joe Zullo said:
    Here is my question: How to properly test a live steamer on air?
    Where to insert the air? Directly into the boil...  more
  • by Yves Belanger 4 hours ago
    I admit it. I just felt in love by seeing your SP SD40-2T #8303! Looks great with the SP-styled nose lights package and ca...  more
  • by John Caughey 4 hours ago
    You can run a Gauntlet track through the wall...
    The tracks over lap without touching.
  • by Greg Elmassian 4 hours ago
    This particular gambit works fine, and you can watch the indicator in the FireFox tab to see when it finishes loading, so swappi...  more
  • by Jason V. 4 hours ago
    Iain Collingwood said:
    yes bumblebee coach, just getting painted currently to RGS to match rest of
     ...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy 5 hours ago
    Do we get it see it in a train ...... ?
  • by Cliff Jennings 6 hours ago
  • by Dan Hilyer 6 hours ago
    I like your slate roof and copper gutters Hollywood. Now I know how you got your name 
  • by Nico Corbo 8 hours ago
    Sean McGillicuddy said:
    Nico Corbo said:
    I will be there on Saturday.
     ...  more
  • by Alan Lott 8 hours ago
    A beautiful working model.  Attention to details as they say.  Having lived by an old windmill as a child I have alway...  more
  • by Rick Marty 15 hours ago
    Great news that you can get a new cab, I would suggest following up on the old one and trying to bring it back to life, just so ...  more
  • by Rick Marty 16 hours ago
    John Passaro said:
         Rick, the construction is very good, and the sticks are convincing to me. 
     &nb...  more
  • by Jim Rowson Wed at 11:23 PM
    Been sorry to hear you are feeling iffy. Hope Mik is giving you a bit of a distraction. Really enjoying your build, despite my (...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer Wed at 10:24 PM
    Ken, I like the brick veneer much better than the stucco\adobe\whatever idea.  Nice job on the weathering too.
  • by Joe Loll Wed at 10:06 PM
    Thank you for offering to keep an eye out. I'm not looking for anything in particular, just so long as it is a Chessie eng...  more
  • by Rooster ' Wed at 7:47 PM
    Watching all of the 2020 MIK threads but trying to stay out of them until voting.  Bonus points for you John with hitting o...  more
  • by John Caughey Wed at 7:32 PM
    Real as opposed to light emitting, I suppose. They control direction of DC electrons. We used to point to radio shack, but now a...  more
  • by srmoment Wed at 5:50 PM
    Good afternoon everyone :
    I'm hoping I can get some wiring help. I want to install motor units on my piko switches . I made my o...  more
  • by Ron Hill Wed at 4:32 PM
    Polly S Easy Lift Off (ELO) works well to remove decals.
  • by Paul Burch Wed at 4:07 PM
    I have a friend who is looking for a set of 3 axle Aristo-Craft Vanderbilt tender trucks.  Anyone have any?
  • by David Maynard Wed at 3:34 PM
    And he is much cooler on the phone than through emails too.
  • by Greg Elmassian Wed at 11:39 AM
    I'll tell him Timmy, talk to him several times each week.
    His email address has not changed though, at least in the last 10 year...  more
  • by Ken Brunt Wed at 9:45 AM
    That's the fun part. Adding the plants and shrubs to the layout. Like Dave said, it comes alive. 
  • by Devon Sinsley Wed at 9:26 AM
    such beautiful work Ray