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  • by Bill Barnwell a few seconds ago
    $ 45.00 From Lgb 90203 x-mas set ,like new x-mas stickers are removable, sound and lights, includes controller, great for pullin...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 3 minutes ago
    $30.00 LGB nestles box car, in good shape but used paypay friends and family+ shipping from 32174 provide zip code for shiping costs
  • by Bill Barnwell 34 minutes ago
    $35.00 LGB grizzly flats style passenger car from x-mas set, like new, paypal friends and family + shipping from 32174, provide ...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 38 minutes ago
    $ 25.00 red/black ore car from x-mas set, x-mas sticker is removable, like new, paypal friends and family + shipping from 32174,...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 47 minutes ago
    Solar powered pathway light that can be turned into lite (at night) switch tower like pictured with little or no trouble....  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 59 minutes ago
    Stainless steel over the rail joiner, all stainless construction, for code 332 rail, easiest and best to use, price $1.00 each&n...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 1 hour ago
    MDC new never use SP 2 bay hopper, no box $35.00 + shipping from 32174 PayPal family and friends $35.00 
  • by Greg Elmassian 1 hour ago
    Normally I hold the pin with pliers when connecting/removing the female connectors. Won't always prevent the issue, but has neve...  more
  • by Craig Townsend 5 hours ago
    Chris Kieffer said:
       And Good Luck staying with Craig!
    I gave him a choice. The garage floor with a blanket, or noth...  more
  • by Thomas White 5 hours ago
    Greg - My customer says his NCE DCC system puts out 14 volts to the track.......he called his dealer to confirm it.  Sound ...  more
  • by Tony Walsham 5 hours ago
    I recently had the opportunity to fit a new RCS R/C system and Fosworks COBRA-260 ESC to a latest run USAT GP38-2. Knowing that ...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy 5 hours ago
    Ray Dunakin said:
    He's a cute little guy!
    Little he's not ... he's 14months....( Baby Hewie )
    Great kid sooo far....
  • by Bill Barnwell 5 hours ago
    More done on the Mason Bogie project and was able to get the Lionel cowcatcher placed and attached to the frame 
  • by Devon Sinsley 6 hours ago
    Don Sweet said:
    Hi Guys, I have the instructions sheets for older and newer versions. The older sheets are not posted on his web...  more
  • by Don Sweet 6 hours ago
    To see the RailPro system operating at the NGRC Portland, OR, please visit Terry Meyer's layout during the tours. I will not be ...  more
  • by Gary Buchanan, FOG 6 hours ago
    Is that what I smell burning ? Don't hurt yourself !
  • by Ric Golding 6 hours ago
    20 June, 2019 - This morning finds us along the tracks of the Finger Lakes Lives Steamers.  It is raining here and has been...  more
  • by Ric Golding 7 hours ago
    Thank you for keeping everyone updated on this.  I've got it on our calendar, however it is in conflict with the las...  more
  • by Waldbahner 10 hours ago
    Hm... I still have a part-build garden-texture sawmill-kit somewhere in my shop...Let's see if I can find a fine place for it al...  more
  • by Dennis Thompson Wed at 10:58 PM
    No.  I will.  Thank you.  (PS:  Years ago my Dad used to take his race car to Langley when there was a track...  more
  • by Tom Bowdler Wed at 10:04 PM
    The EBT materials are spoken for.
  • by Rick Marty Wed at 8:38 PM
    Yes, some of the most beautiful parks especially Patrick's Point.  Fort Humboldt and it's history back to the 1850's, that ...  more
  • by Jon Radder Wed at 6:11 PM
    The part from Rick Marty arrived today. Thanks Rick!!! If you are ever in need of anything please let me know.
    Regarding ...  more
  • by David Maynard Wed at 5:58 PM
    I thought he meant Louisiana.
  • by Mike Wed at 3:55 PM
    Thank you very much indeed Tony.
    I'll be ordering one!...  more
  • by Joe Zullo Wed at 12:39 PM
    Did it work?
  • by Chris Kieffer Wed at 10:54 AM
    I use 91% all the time, never took anywhere close to a month.  Stripped this USA Trains SD40-2 in less than 24 hours using ...  more
  • by Dennis Cherry Wed at 7:14 AM
    Can make Scale 20.3 lumber or Ties for turnouts. 
  • by Ray Dunakin Wed at 12:35 AM
    Fun stuff!