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Recent Topics

  • by Bill Barnwell 5 minutes ago
    John, here is what I did to my LGB western coaches, I used, 10 MM soft white LEDs from eBay, evergreen plastic strip, coppe...  more
  • by Bill Barnwell 28 minutes ago
    Eric I sent you a PM, but I have to agree with Joe, I think you are making a simple build into a monster going from kit bashing ...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer 1 hour ago
    Looking forward to the coming production, Ray. Enjoy your trip and be safe. 
  • by Dan Hilyer 1 hour ago
    John Passaro said:
       Whenever I see a project like this I think we need a sticky thread called "The LSC Gallery of Bu...  more
  • by Fred Mills. 2 hours ago
    David Marconi,FOGCH said:
    Jof John LeForestier, Pat Brewer
    The first picture is of Stu Moxley, with the top of the chimnia in fr...  more
  • by Tony Walsham 8 hours ago
    Hello Kevin.
    Perhaps the potential user would consider my 2.4 Ghz R/C stuff.'
    It has knobs.
    You can bind as many locos as you wi...  more
  • by Don Sweet July 21
    Outdoors video called Parade of Steam. Featuring all the Bachmann geared locos operating using the RailPro system. Double headin...  more
  • by Jason V. July 21
    I think it’s the euro style narrow gauge ties.
  • by Noel Wilson July 21
    To show to our local Trains group about were we are on the R.R.
    Finished up minor work on tracks and then pulled out of Eng. Hou...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian July 21
    I'm coming over for a 36" pizza! 
  • by Greg Elmassian July 21
    So Eric, if you use their system, the DCC version integrates with an NCE command station, and adding the Digitrax Ds64's would r...  more
  • by Chris Kieffer July 21
    Airwire's drop in decoder makes it really easy to install.  As far as the Revo, the only one I installed reall...  more
  • by Jason V. July 21
    Would you part with the Bachmann Heisler? If so I’m interested you can Private Message me.
  • by Dennis Tetreault July 21
    LGB/Model Power Charley's Tavern kit. Like new in box. Box has been opened but all the parts appear to be there although I can't...  more
  • by Dennis Tetreault July 21
    Bachmann 1:20.3 0-4-0 side tank loco with battery, r/c. Loco has a Revolution non sound receiver and battery installed. Transmit...  more
  • by John Caughey July 21
    You rest your case ... Gee I didn't see it as competition. I didn't doubt you, I, just from experience, can't vouch for the prod...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian July 20
    Nice one Martin! Should help people who are AirWire and don't want to pay $130 for the AirWire CONVRTR and can live with the ori...  more
  • by mike dorsch July 20
     Cool video Matt , 21 cars and counting I presume . I like the shot at your road crossing at 1:14 , nice !
  • by Rick Marty July 20
    Have a pair of MTH street lamps, 8 inches tall, 1 1/4 inch square at the top, cast metal. Both lit up when I tested them, these ...  more
  • by Stanley Ames July 20
     ...  more
  • by " Rooster " July 19
    Btw.... Chuck is above us now not BELOW US
  • by Greg Elmassian July 19
    Eric, the F2 function is momentary in the throttle, so I thought you were talking about having that for F7 & F8.... so as I ...  more
  • by Dennis Tetreault July 19
    Price reduced to $80 each.