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  • by Craig Townsend 7 hours ago
    Thanks Ray, Kind of bummed that it's only in 1' lengths.
    I might just end up going with option B anyway as I'm going with...  more
  • by Dan Patterson 9 hours ago
    The base is 16"x24"x3 1/2"deep.  The cradle is 26"long.
  • by Cliff Jennings 9 hours ago
    It really is, David.
    BTW Jerry, I found this brief Aussie operating manual for the two McKeen's they purchased, wh...  more
  • by Jon Radder 11 hours ago
    David Maynard said:
    I don't see what is so bad about leaving a dead tree or two on the railroad. They are out there in the 1:1 w...  more
  • by Chris Kieffer Fri at 8:06 PM
    Did you get the one from Kevin Strong?
  • by Ted Doskaris Fri at 7:19 PM
    Todd Brody said:
    SNIP..."I seem to recall, but could be wrong, that putting the wheels in a certain way can create an electrical...  more
  • by Bruce D. Chandler Fri at 4:01 PM
    OKAY...FINALLY trying to get back into this one.   Wow...just trying to find all the pieces parts is an adventure in i...  more
  • by Greg Elmassian Fri at 1:54 PM
    Happens to everyone Bill!
  • by Eric Warhol Fri at 12:42 PM
    I've been in Law Enforcement for 18+ years now. I can tell you the two biggest calls that will get you going 1) Partner yelling ...  more
  • by Ric Golding Fri at 8:42 AM
    24 May, 2019 - camping along the tracks of the Michigan Central Railroad in Metamora, Michigan.  We got here Wednesday, aft...  more
  • by Ric Golding Fri at 8:10 AM
    Jane and Andy Clarke will host their second operations of the year, starting a week from today.  So I guess this would be B...  more
  • by Ric Golding Fri at 8:10 AM
    Jane and Andy Clarke will host their second operations of the year, starting a week from today.  So I guess this would be B...  more
  • by Ric Golding Fri at 8:01 AM
    A "cold shower" would be an understatement for the rain that hit us for about 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon.  Great Weeken...  more
  • by Eric Mueller Fri at 3:07 AM
    Life happened this week, and I am tardy in getting to Lowes...Thanks for saving me the aggravation of buying the wrong br...  more
  • by Pete Lassen Fri at 12:38 AM
    Matt, you need to carry some post it  with you and just draw an arrow and stick it to the nearest shrub or building!!!
  • by David Maynard Thu at 6:36 PM
    I don't have a Facebook login, so all I see is a circle with a dash in it.
  • by David Maynard Thu at 6:03 PM
    Joe Zullo said:
    Go try to buy a VHS tape.
    Ebay. Same with cassette tapes. I haven't shopped for 8 tracks in quite a while, but ...  more
  • by Aaron Loyet Thu at 3:55 PM
    Really cool idea Rick! I'll have to dig though my scrap piles now and see what gold I find. 
  • by Eric Reuter Thu at 9:04 AM
    These are the files available:
  • by Jason V. Wed at 11:24 PM
    He’s just flagging the crossing. It’s an FRA And D.O.T thing.
  • by Greg Elmassian Wed at 11:02 PM
    yep, you will need not only a regulated voltage, but to be sure to use the Phoenix ground and I would regulate the 5 volts from ...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin Wed at 8:52 PM
    Such cutie-pies!
  • by Ray Dunakin Wed at 8:34 PM
    Wow, that is an incredible video! The combination of stunningly beautiful images (I'd love to have my own videos look so good!) ...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin Wed at 8:12 PM
    We own a few acres of undeveloped property somewhere in the desert near the Butterfield Ranch, and I always thought it would be ...  more
  • by Cliff Jennings Wed at 6:56 PM
    John Bouck said:
    Me to (Ad Block),, still get the ads.
    John, "Adblock for Youtube" is different from "Adblock." Yo...  more
  • by John Bouck Wed at 2:44 PM
    I missed this post some how.
    My kind of country.
    In 2 weeks, the snow should be melted a little more and we will start our ventu...  more
  • by Sean McGillicuddy Wed at 6:51 AM
    Hopefully I got a grin out of you Greg!   
    I do enjoy that site as well as this one..
  • by Ross Mansell Wed at 5:35 AM
    Gregory Hile said:
    This probably won't be popular nor likely happen, but I would like to see the hooligans be required to work w...  more
  • by Ken Brunt Wed at 4:39 AM
    You missed your calling Ray. You are a one man "tourism board".................
  • by Todd Brody Tue at 10:49 PM
    Dennis Rayon said:
    Wow Todd
    Your shrubs are above and beyond the level of most of our abilities, Your layout is awesome, please ...  more