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  • We're back
    Posted by Bob McCown September 24

    LSC is back online, with some changes to moderation and site rules.


    The big change is the only way to notify me of posts is Use the Report Feature.  I dont (cant) read every thread and often dont know things are getting out of hand until too late.


    I will no longer be responding to messages to me about site content.  Too many of you have been abusing this to complain about one specific user or another, and demand I do something or you will leave.  If you have a personal problem with another LSC member, ignore them.  If someone gets hot headed in the forum, use the report feature. 


    If I get five complaints from five different people about a member, I'll review the situation and I may suspend the account for 30 days.  If this happens three times, I may suspend the account completely.  Conversely, if I get many complaints about a single member only from you, I'll consider suspending you instead.


    I've banned people in the past for egregious, provoking behaviour, regardless of what kind of content they provided (talk to HJ for example) and I wont hesitate to do it again. 


    Remember my basic rule:  Be nice.  It's my living room, and you may not be invited back.


    There will be some other content changes in the near future.  Stay tuned.

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