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  • by Dave Taylor 4 hours ago
    Thanks for the accolades guys....
    The stone veneer is like starting a giant 3D puzzle with out any pictures to go by, only havin...  more
  • by GAP 5 hours ago
    I got mine just before a dear friend and fellow G Scaler passed away a bit over two years ago, he said to me that is wasn't work...  more
  • by Rick Marty 5 hours ago
    Craig Townsend said:
    Craig Townsend said:
    So I was able to get in contact with the former feed mill manager. Hopefully he can an...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin 7 hours ago
    Looking good!
  • by Tommy Mejia 7 hours ago
    John,  (misprint) It is the drivewheel electric wiper assem.
    Fits in the frame between the drivewheels.
     ...  more
  • by Vic Smith 7 hours ago
    Tim said:
    '...pulled a Tim...' you mean I'm not the only one with a foot high pile of stuff on the work table?  
    ...  more
  • by Ray Dunakin 7 hours ago
    The technical challenges that must be solved to create a working model, certainly make it an interesting build!
  • by Vic Smith 7 hours ago
    Tim said:
    so...figured out yet how to connect the indoor and outdoor divisions of the layout?
    That's assuming I can get t...  more
  • by John Caughey 8 hours ago
    Uh John?
    That check hasn't arrived yet, ya wanna check the Out box?
    Thnx bud
  • by Devon Sinsley 8 hours ago
    100 grit wet/dry sand paper
    I was able to glue the leading edges down better so it looks nicer
  • by Dan Hilyer 9 hours ago
    Todd, I'm quite confident that that structure will pass any earthquake building codes you may encounter.  Not to worry abou...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer 9 hours ago
    That turned out to be a fine looking office, Lou.  I'll have to keep that idea in mind for future builds.
  • by Dan Hilyer 9 hours ago
    Well, Gregory, thank you for attempting to do your civic duty   Your house is coming along nicely.
  • by Dan Hilyer 9 hours ago
    Pete Lassen said:
    think Hogwarts' moving staircases, Dan might get it all printed, but will it get assembled in time is the big ...  more
  • by Rooster ' 11 hours ago
    I personally would like the outhouse next if it's my turn?
  • Greg,
    Thank you for your beautiful honor of Barry and his work. I do want to say this if I can; millions children have had the o...  more
  • by Don Howard Mon at 3:55 PM
    From Eric's post above:
    This is a real working steam locomotive, two foot gauge.  It had been a standard worker at the Edav...  more
  • by Ron Hill Mon at 2:53 PM
    My wife and I are planning on being there. Will be there in time to place a couple of buildings in the competition for fun. Hoe ...  more
  • by Dan Hilyer Mon at 9:18 AM
    Talk about bringing a railroad to life, wow, that certainly did. Looking at some of those photos, it looks like we will have the...  more
  • by Rocky Canyonero Mon at 12:15 AM
    Hey Scott what a coincidence!  Glad no "meese" were harmed in the process!  We actually had a bull moose make his way ...  more
  • by Dave Taylor Mon at 12:12 AM
    2 to GO
  • by Rooster ' January 26
     ...  more
  • by Rooster ' January 26
    The connectors look great .....perhaps you can push about 3 or 4 ......... 22 gauge wires through those connectors instea...  more
  • by Tim January 26
    Just starting to do the math for the roof...
  • by Todd Haskins January 26
    That is a nice looking building Rick and the choice of colours gives it that old timey look.
  • by Ken Brunt January 26
    I just order it directly from Plastruct, since there ain't no hobby shops close by. And they usually don't have what I'm looking...  more
  • by Dan DeVoto January 26
    Jim, the portal and rock fall turned out great.
  • by Rooster ' January 26
    Pete Thornton said:
    Leaving that aside, I have never heard that boxcabs worked in pairs.  However, I am sure that in...  more
  • by John Caughey January 25
    Or you know what....
  • by Jim Rowson January 25
    Wow, thanks Rick! Lots of good info that sounds pretty right to me. Very helpful.
    Nice model!