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    SVGRS Clinics & Workshops
    Six hourss of how to dos on subjects of interest to large scale (and other) modedl railroaders: power and sound, coupler conversions, bridge building, live steam, simple repairs, building mountains, laying track, 3D printing, and more

    Experiments in 3d printing
    if you want to send me your STL files for the bridge footing, I can print them on my SLA machine, then you will have something you can make a mold from, as I typically print items that are used to make spin casting molds....  more
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Future aka Pledge Floor Care aka whatever it is called today is a great 3D print sealer. I dip my Shapeways prints (FUD) in Future before making a mold master. Future is a self leveling product that leaves a semi gloss coat.
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Bob and all,   My personal experience of using the original extruded parts as masters for molds,  will lead to big headaches,   the fine ridges from the extruded layers, make for very very difficult extraction of the cast piece from the mol...  more
    Experiments in 3d printing
    This morning's experimenting.  Bridge footings.  I'm not sure how robust they would be.  I'm pondering getting some of the 3d printable mold master material and using these for investment casting masters.
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Nice baggage and boxes. I find its the small details that really help a scene.
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Another New Baggage cart
    As a machine designer, I know that 100 plus years ago small rural stations that have no cranes, needed a heavy-duty baggage cart with a small crane to unload
    and load on to wooden wagons and old pickup trucks heavy freight. More t...  more
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Two New Carts and baggage
 by Dennis Rayon, on Flickr
 by Dennis Rayon, on Flickr
    Experiments in 3d printing
    Some great printing, Bob.......