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    • November 27, 2019 6:54 PM EST
      • Milwaukee, Wi
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      I briefly knew Pete through the WGRS. Wish I had a chance to talk more with him. 

    • December 1, 2019 11:56 AM EST
      • Fort Myers Beach & Annapolis, Florida & Maryland
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      Sam has posted a few photos of some engines at the link above.  You may have to be signed in to MLS first in order to see them?


      He has a St Charles Station 60-ton crane which he is aksing for info about, if anyone can help.





    • December 14, 2019 1:35 AM EST
      • Kokomo, Indiana
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      Lots of models have found homes, still loads of models, especially entry level locomotives that need new homes.  Very reasonable prices, for the ones not listed, email Sam. Gonna be hard pressed to find better prices if you have fancied getting a live steamer to add to your stable.  Some unique engines with upgrades by Norm S and Larry Herget.   Here is the list updated as of this post.  


      Ok, here is a listing of some of the engines that are available. Most of these I have NOT tested for operation. Many are new in their boxes (mostly aristocraft and Bowande)
      The rest will be sold-as is-unless I can get to it to test. If you have any interest, please email me at sdimaggio at ameritech dot net.

      I will entertain reasonable offers. I have a range in mind for most so get there and the engine is yours plus shippping unless you take delivery at DH.

      Please help if you can. Peter left no will so your generous purchases directly helps her. I will try to accommodate any thoughtful offer.

      1. Accucraft Forney
      2. Rishon Mason Bogie by Paul Trevaskis #15 R/C (few pics) Cab needs regluing.
      3. Accucraft Mogul NCNG Butane
      4. a. SOLD b. SOLD
      5. SOLD
      6. Accucraft Forney #6
      7. Accucraft Ruby
      8. Aster GER-make a Live steam Thomas.
      9. SOLD
      10. Accucraft Ruby
      11. SOLD
      12. SOLD
      13. Accucraft Mich-Cal 2 cyl Shay
      14. Acccucraft Black Mogul
      15. - SOLD
      16. -SOLD
      17. - SOLD
      18. - SOLD
      19. Accucraft 0-6-0 Switcher-1/29 Scale USA-nice engine
      20. Roundhouse SRRL—this one is in rough shape—missing rear truck on loco it appears —plus tender isn’t right...need to see level of work required...but, perhaps worth an offer so you end up with a nice engine.
      21. Accucraft American SPC red version-needs some major repair work--obvious tumble..front end damaged but should be repairable...
      22. Aster Climax-pending sale
      23. Regner Freida
      24. Accucraft Mich-Cal Shay 2 cyl--nice engine.
      25. SOLD
      26. Accucraft 3 cyl Shay-custom propane tank by Peter- have pics
      27. Accucraft Mich-Cal 2 cyl Shay
      28. Accucraft Ruby - Wood Cab
      29. Accucraft American-Larry Herget
      30. Accucraft Forney- Brown
      31. - Poof
      32. Accucraft Black Mogul R/C
      33. Accucraft 2 Rubies…make offer for 1
      34. Accucraft Ruby Ida
      35. Aristocraft 040-new & Complete
      36. Aristocraft 040 "
      37. Aristocraft "
      38. Aristocrat Mikado
      39. Roundhouse Jack? (modified US)
      40. Roundhouse Dylan (modified US)
      41. Aristocraft Mikado
      42. Accucraft Mogul Nevada County
      43. Accucraft Mogul "
      44. Accucraft Goose-electric--Need to find #
      45. Bowande Falk
      46. Bowande Porter
      47. Bowande A4 60009
      48. Accucraft 060 UP 1/29 scale
      49. Merlin Matterhorn r/c $495 have pics
      50. Bowande Falk
      51. Bowande Falk
      52. Bowande Porter
      53. Project Engine (frame and wheels completed only plus instructions) $100.
      54. Accucraft 3 Cyl Shay-pending front truck replacement. Any one have a front truck from one of these??
      55. -SOLD

      There are more of many of the same above....and more still that are not yet in the above list......or yet discovered.....If you sold an engine to Pete and now have seller's is the time to get her back. If any prior owner has info for me, that would be great. There are some in the collection I have yet to, ask and I may find...

      There are some parts as well: several unaccounted tenders, a Frank ‘S’ boiler and parts, an Aristo Mike with no tender, a Saito boiler/burner, an o/scale mamod set, and a lot of stuff I can’t immediately Id. I will try to bring some of this Diamondhead or will entertain offers. I will try to get pics of some of this stuff.

      Please note that there are some good beginner engines here: lots of Rubies and the aristo switchers. I will sell very inexpensively to any new hobbyist.

      Anyone would wants a Ruby to make your own engine ‘x’, then here’s a good chance to get one inexpensively. Remember Larry Newman?

      Here are a few I will bring to Diamondhead but I will ship if you can't wait...:


      * Accucraft N & W 611 Alcohol Version—great runner at an excellent discount! 5K or best offer.
      * Aster Schools-very good condition. Original manual. 1.4k
      * Accucraft Saxonian 1k, 1.4k., like new, runs well.
      * all the engines listed below unless sold and shipped before DH

      Please send checks (preferably cashiers checks) to unless one of the DH destined locos to:

      Lori Hospel
      7311 S 37th Place
      Franklin, WI 53132
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