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    • October 12, 2014 2:00 PM EDT
      • Sacramento, California
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      While getting ready for the West Coast Regional Meet (June 2014, Sacramento) I discovered that my pond was losing water every day.  Since we're in a big drought, I decided to try to fix it, instead of ignoring it and just using up lots of water.


      I found cracks in the fiberglass pond so contemplated pulling it out of the ground and building a new one.  A quick look at the timeline and my own skills convinced me that there had to be a Plan B.  Resealing the pond seemed a do-able idea, but I hod no idea what would stick to and seal fiberglass.


      Spray on sealers didn't work, but I found a (relatively) local product that did well.  Sealed small cracks, and could be painted on patches of larger cracks.  It comes in lots of colors, so I made my pond a slate gray color.


      It's a two part epoxy paint, goes on like paint, and dries quickly.   Pond Armor is made in Santa Maria California.  It's sold locally in pond shops, but is also available on line.  Sometimes shipping is free, and Butch, the pond maven, is available to answer questions and make suggestions.


      While it may seem expensive, a one quart application worked great for my pond, and it sure beat several hundred dollars at least to rebuild the pond.


      I don't own the company or have any stock it in.  Just a satisfied coustomer.  I do have some pix of the before and after. Oh, and another member of our club has used it as well with good results!

    • October 12, 2014 2:16 PM EDT

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      I have 2 water features at my home, and did not have good performance from things that are not flexible.


      I have found this stuff, and can't say enough about how good it is:



      My fountains are concrete, so there is settling and fissures opening up, etc.


      it is truly liquid neoprene and sticks like the devil.




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