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    • April 21, 2014 9:20 PM EDT
      • Annapolis, Maryland
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      I got a used LGB Rio Grande long steel caboose recently. It has no electronics, but is none the less really nice. Decorated in the Rio Grande livery like my SD40-2, she has a complete interior and metal wheels. I really like the look of this particular caboose. Everyone up in here has a favorite caboose I'm sure. This one happens to be my favorite. I paid around 100 bucks for it and it was made in Germany. Not China. Blue with that really cool yellow orange lettering that stands out, the caboose looks really awesome lashed up to my consist of mixed freight behind the SD40. One can put lights in this caboose and even a smoke unit, but I am leaving her alone for now. Just content to watch it make circles around my modest little track right now. I believe these cabooses were originally priced out around 135 brand new. I may be wrong about that and I need to research it further. Anyway, a really cool looking caboose and not a bad price either.

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