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    • April 13, 2014 6:41 PM EDT
      • Annapolis, Maryland
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      I am still into O scale. Lionel and MTH mostly, but have given up most of it for G gage. I had a really first rate operation. Sorry no pictures, but try and imagine a yard full of UP engines. I had Dash 9's and SD70Ace's. As well as a few SD40's. Rolling stock was comprised of Inter M cars and modern tanker and hopper cars. I really liked the lash ups. I also liked the sound systems and the engine sounds when pulling out under weight. It really sounded realistic. At least to me it did. Anyway, It became apparent that I could not afford to build what I really wanted and I have always wanted an outdoor railroad. A modern outdoor railroad to boot. So, I sold it all or traded for G gage. Except for my recent acquisition of this MTH set, I have nothing left of O. It is amazing that a typical Lionel Dash 9 with a sound system and incredible detail can cost even more than a G gage Dash 9. I happen to like larger scales because they just plain look great and very realistic. Not that one cannot create the same or better realism with O, but for me, it just became too expensive. 

      Eric from Eric's Trains. Now this man has everything one can dream of as far as O is concerned. I am convinced he has allot of money as his collection is near or at 50 thousand dollars. Possibly more. I like Eric allot. His work, as far as, explaining things is really first rate. I often deferred to his expertise in O when I needed advice. Honestly, I did not know anyone else to go too at the time. Anyway, I admire his collection allot and his tenacity for detail and doing the job right the first time. He is, for all intents and purposes, the quintessential example of an O scale modeler.

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