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    • September 18, 2012 10:35 PM EDT

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      This is my third year of use on the street car line. No problems. A bargain at $145.00 -- still, a bargain if it rose to $190.00.
      For the mainline, years ago I had constructed a "Godzilla system using the Aristo 10 amp Crest power pack and three separate Aristo controllers -- wired to three separate sections of our 450' of track. The cost was nearly $450.00 in parts. Lot's of them. Do it again? No. I'd simply buy three MRC 10 amp packs (they have a fan in each and a direction switch) and install a 4 amp fuse at each one for electrical sanity, and viola! done.

      Any product report on the MRC that is different?
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