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    • April 3, 2012 6:11 PM EDT

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      Taking advantage of a factory price reduction on these cars, I picked up a few. These are mechanically similar to the White Pass flatcar released back in 1993. They are a well produced product having fine detail and remarkable appearance. The lettering is very crisp and without blemish. The containers in both 'K-Line' and 'Hanjin' shipping company logos are well made, having a very matte finish. The car is based on a White Pass prototype and as such, the dimensions of the container are not a standard ISO model. This does not detract from the overall appearance

      Two minus points. As on the initial 1993 release, there is too much play under the trucks at both ends, allowing the car to rock in motion. A thin circular spacer is needed to 'tighten' up one of the trucks. Secondly, the latest packaging is abysmal. I believe the intent is to remove the car and dispose of the packaging. The cars are very difficult to reinsert after viewing.

      They are still available at many venues for the $63.99 special price. Normal retail is around $140.00. At the marked down price they are an excellent product. My dealer had spare containers available, so I purchased a handful to replace the standard Campbell Soup 'V8' Vegetable Juice containers on my mid-1990's release White Pass container cars. They now look more 'prototypical'.
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