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    • March 3, 2012 6:02 AM EST
      • Shut up Rooster
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      I just picked up this video and watched it last night. Great video and what a great looking layout. Jack Verducci has creat an awsome layout. The layout is set up for operations but all engines are run by live steam including live steam donkeys that actually pick up logs and load them on the log cars for real life operations. Even a sawmill is run by live steam. Amazing to watch the entire operation of the layout. A great video for motivation and ideas.
    • May 24, 2012 3:13 PM EDT
      • Cape Cod,
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      Hi Shawn, I have that same DVD and thought Jacks layout was really cool. I wonder what ever happened to him and his involvment with GR magazine? I always enjoyed his articles. Besides all the live steam action what I thought was really clever was where he worked on steaming up. The track was at ground level but he had constructed a concrete pit to "sit" in so he could work on the locos.
      I have several of the DVDs put out by movie magic I think it is called and some of the early ones leave alot to be desired but the more recent ones are very good to see different equipment going around nice layouts.
      I wonder why they haven't made a new video lately?
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