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    • March 6, 2010 9:03 PM EST

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      Purchased 2 of the 1/20.3 Bachmann Davenports yesterday , snap purchase , thought they looked good .
      Anyway its been 5 months or so since I have operated ANY train , between the winter weather and flying rc helis inside the house , so the brass LGB rail was NOT clean , and many leaves from the fall were still on the layout , and big twigs also , took the Davenports out of their boxes , man they are heavy , placed them on the track with a AC trackcleaner car in front and one behind and turned them on , coupled together , ............................they ran fine , of course the trackcleaner car would jump the track because of the leaves buildup or large twigs , but other than that they made good rail power pickup from the darkened brass rail , they sure surprized me a lot .
      Anyway I just wanted to comment on these heavy little locos and their operation on less than perfect track conditions .

      I always wished for locos that would look as good as the Bachmanns , but operate like LGB's , maybe someday , maybe .
    • March 7, 2010 7:00 AM EST
      • Southern Illinois
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      Thanks for the review. If you have the time sure would like some pictures. Our weather has turned very Spring Like. R/C Helicopters inside? Helen is a saint.
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