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    • January 25, 2011 2:10 PM EST
      • Peoria, AZ
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      I assume that it has rained recently and that the exterior poop has been washed off. I do have hay hanging out the sides of the cars as they put hay down to absorb some of the effluvia that cattle seem to emit in profusion!

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    • January 25, 2011 2:25 PM EST
      • Darlington,SC..,
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      Andrew Moore said:
      I am aware that, particularly, engine crews, were very proud of their equipment and would do a complete cleaning and polishing whenever they got the chance. But, when the locomotives were running long hauls, they would get pretty funky between baths. Smoke and soot and steam water make a pretty ugly mess. Plus all the oil and grease and other stuff can make a loco look road weary quickly. that is the look I am after when I weather my equipment. Rolling stock got just as messed up on a run. Think about stock cars: They're made of wood and are being constantly bashed by huge creatures that literally kicked the slats out of them, and they got bathed in the aforementioned oil, soot mixture and road grime. Even boxcars were subject to heavy weathering. Pacific Fruit Express used to keep their cars in wonderful condition. Between runs they would wash them down and repaint and re-letter as necessary to uphold the company image. But you still see well-weathered cars in period photos. Most smaller railroads and short lines didn't have the personnel to keep their stuff looking nice. If a piece of equipment wasn't on the rails, it wasn't paying its way. Not time to primp and wash and paint very often.
      So here is a copy of an original picture of the White Deer & Loganton RY This is a standard photo of that era. This is a wood burning loco. It is hard to tell but this is a clean train. Though they didn't have a lot of money. Note the sheen on the coach. 3 major stops on this line. bought the engine used had gage changed to 36".

      This was the second coach the original coach had a flatter roof. As can be seen in the center picture. Different coach. Check out how high the RR crossing sign is @ back of white horse.

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