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    • February 21, 2009 6:14 PM EST
      • Southern Illinois
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      We just had a chance to "Anatomy of an Operating Sessions". Very good video for any scale of trains. This DVD happens to be using an SN3 layout, but the basic principals apply to any Model Railroad.

      Is it all that you need? No.

      Will it get you started? No, but it might prompt you to do the reading and investigation that is needed for operations.

      AndyC and I run on an HO layout with car cards on Friday nights.

      We run track warrants with a Dispatcher and radios using Railops Software twice a year on the KVRwy and soon to be on the Bluestone Southern.

      Running outside, I perfer the single sheet of paper of a RailOps manifest, but running inside the car cards work fine and cuase the operator to use the knowledge the computer does for you in Railop.

      Good video - worth the time.
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