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    • December 6, 2019 12:59 PM EST
    • About 1:22.5 AFAIK



    • December 6, 2019 12:28 PM EST
    • So what scale is Bachmann's 4-6-0 Big Hauler?


    • December 6, 2019 12:23 PM EST
    • Nice kit bash, most of my stuff is also kit bashed as when I started in G there wasn't any American stuff, I've got one of those 2080's and was going to use the drive for my Mason Bogie but also had a beat up spreewald so I used the drive out of that instead, Bill

    • December 6, 2019 11:02 AM EST
    • Very nice conversion.


      I have looked at 7/8ths but as above, a bit too much 1:20.3.  In anything larger I am drooling at 2.5" scale.  Three foot narrow gauge running on 7.5" spaced track. 

      Maxitrak and Accucraft have some offerings that for that scale are reasonable in price. 

    • December 6, 2019 10:54 AM EST
    • I am very interested, but too deeply entrenched in 1:20 and lack the time to scratch build everything. I've been watching your 7/8's posts in the past and love whet Eric Schade has done modeling the Maine Two Footers.  I thing Shawn V. has at least some 7/8's stuff.  If you can find any of the very old threads, Bart Salmons was building logging and coal hauling equipment in 7/8's before he moved to smaller scales and cosplay.

    • December 6, 2019 10:28 AM EST
    • Let's see a show of hands. How many members here dabble in 7/8" scale?

      Except for a few locomotives and a handful of cars all my 1:20.3 builds and rolling stock and I have parted ways. The entire collection was sold to a good friend of mine.

      It was time for a new interest.

      I am a member of the 7/8"s forum, The SE Lounge.

      Latest project was a converted LGB 2-6-2.





    • December 2, 2019 3:23 PM EST
    • Mark Hadler said:

      Here's what YouTube finds for rod stewart model train


      We seen all of them, but it not the vedio one he had a few years ago running Steam Trains. It was a video running thru the maze of track in his city yard. Lots and lots of detail of the city in background. Must of got pulled off. 






    • December 1, 2019 4:53 PM EST
    • There use to be, a few years ago on you-tube, a video of his layout running Steam Trains. They were showing Trains going thru the maze of track of the high rise city main yard. Must of been taken off and not able to find them again.

    • November 30, 2019 6:29 PM EST
    • Our little podunk newspaper in Oregon had this story a couple of days ago but no pictures, WOW!!!

    • November 30, 2019 2:23 PM EST
    • Pete,

      I am glad I gave up UK railway modelling, my bank balance wouldn't support it these days.    I sold a lot of UK OO and French and German HO in 2003 which went towards the purchase of my first computer in 2003.   The computer led me to Bachmann US initially and then to Aristocraft.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Whilst I was sad to see Aristo shut their doors I have to admit my stock holding of Aristo has only increased by three cars since then -  I already had more than enough.    RM, without doubt, is the best UK model railroad magazine for the smaller scales as you know.  The only US magazines I buy are Classic Trains and their special issues, great for US railroading history.

    • November 30, 2019 12:11 PM EST
    • I have asked my sister-in-law to include a copy of Railway Modeller with her Xmas goodie parcel (mince pies, etc.) I also bought last January's issue of RM, to read about Jools Holland's empire, from an online source -  Quite a fun read, but get this - the magazine has 42 pages of adverts in the front and 30 pages in the back - over 70 pages of advertising for UK train suppliers.  The variety of models in OO/HO is mind-boggling.  There's even a supplier of O scale UK trains.  Maybe it's time I went back to UK modelling. . .

    • November 24, 2019 9:41 PM EST
    • Succeeded at drilling and tapping holes.  Needed to get my welding done when friend was available.  Realized I would have been better to tap the holes and mount the mounts before welding them to the boiler.  However, I got it complete.  I was apprehensive about drilling and taping in solid bar of the end piece of the frame, but it worked.  Moving on to next part of project.  

    • November 24, 2019 1:25 PM EST
    • I'm not a machinist either, but have had a lot of success taping both plastics and steel.  So long as you make sure you have the correct size drill bit, a good sharp tap, a quality handle and lots of cutting oil, things work out nicely. Its extremely satisfying the first time you threa a bolt into a hole you tapped yourself


    • November 24, 2019 10:34 AM EST
    • 24 November, 2019 in Carlyle, Illinois


      This past week's project was to grind the old ears/boiler mounts off of the Tram boiler.  This was done with a thin wheel grinding disc and cutting through the old welds.  Care had to be considered to not grind into the boiler plate, but only remove and smooth the area of the old welded on ears.  New ears/mounts were constructed out of 5 inch "C" channel, cut in to 2 -1.5 inch pieces and then cut those in half and drill for the 4 deck mounts.  Each one had to be cleaned up (no sharp edges) and a slight 45 degree bevel put on the back of each side and top to create a smooth welding surface.


      Good friend, Jason, came over to inspect my progress/work and weld the ears/mounts on to the boiler.  Remember, I'm not a welder or machinist, so all of this is a challenge and learning experience for me.  


      Next step is to drill and tap the holes in the deck of the frame to secure the boiler.


      Thanks for looking, as I document my progress/ redo's and mistakes.





    • November 24, 2019 10:16 AM EST
    • Hey Jon,


      Thanks for the question and interest.


      The "Cli-Shay" sits in storage at the Finger Lakes Live Steamers for the Winter.  It 7.25 inches between the rails.  This one is 7.5 inches.  As I've progressed through these "semesters" of knowledge, I've obtained a number of projects and parts.  I'm thinking and working to consolidate parts to create engines that will serve my needs and improve my knowledge and skills.


    • November 22, 2019 1:33 PM EST
    • Ric Golding said:

      19 November, 2019 - Carlyle, Illinois


      I'm starting a new thread on the merging of the "Tram" boiler and single cylinder marine engine with a "Conner Beam" frame, I've had for a number of years.  This resolves my wheel spacing and suspension concerns.


      Once again I try to post a picture.



      So does this mean you have abandoned the original Cli-Shay project to utilize the boiler from it - or is this a whole new endeavor?

    • November 21, 2019 1:56 PM EST
    • Ric Golding said:

      Who knows, maybe I'll remember how to post pictures again as I document this.  Stay tuned, if you wish.


      Photo inserting

      1. Start by uploading your photos to a server. You have storage space in the Freight Shed on this web site.
      2. After they are uploaded, click on the file you want to open.
      3. Once it is opened, RIGHT click on the picture and select copy image location. DO NOT use the url in the address bar of your browser.
      4. Next click on the insert photo button in your post and paste the image location in the source line.
      5. Look at the dimensions. You will see them if you click on the first box (height). Make it 800 then click on the second box and it will automatically be correctly scaled.
      6. Then hit OK and your photo will be in your post.


    • November 20, 2019 8:27 PM EST
    • Ken Brunt said:

      You need to move that car out of the garage to make room for the machine shop your going to need................

      OMGram ... I thought they took Rics drivers license a couple years ago? Why does he still have a car and do his children know he has one?

    • November 20, 2019 2:41 AM EST
    • You need to move that car out of the garage to make room for the machine shop your going to need................