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    • July 29, 2021 6:52 PM EDT
    • Yep, close enough!

    • July 29, 2021 6:45 PM EDT
    • Forrest Scott Wood said:

      Cool stuff. I'm looking forward to watching your posts about the overalls and hat you are sewing for the scale engineer figure.


      Close enough Forrest?


    • July 29, 2021 5:17 PM EDT
    • Cool stuff. I'm looking forward to watching your posts about the overalls and hat you are sewing for the scale engineer figure.

    • July 28, 2021 12:01 AM EDT
    • Gary,

      Isn't it amazing how, when we get older, that we decide that things we would have never considered important when we were young now become a practical way of doing things

    • July 27, 2021 8:47 PM EDT
    • Hey Rick,

      Yeah, I finally "broke down" and got into the 20th-21st Century with that Quick Change. What a difference when it came to turning the large drivers on this little Huskie! That and the new 3-jaw, removable "soft jaw" chuck. I've purchased quite a few tools and "tooling" for both my lathe and mill this past year. Also fitted a power feed to my "X" axis on my mill. Got tired of turning handles and I can do other things while the mill has a long feed going!

    • July 27, 2021 7:56 PM EDT
    • Gary,

      Great progress on the little gem.  

      A quick change, how cool is that

    • July 27, 2021 7:40 PM EDT
    • Wow, my last post to this thread was over 2-1/2 years ago! But with Covid/pandemic issues, the time just flew by. 


      But I was still busy on a number of 1/8th scale ride-on train projects and I have put a pretty good "dent" into most of them. Sean McGillicuddy asked back in December 2018, if my Super Hustle was "done yet"....NO, it's not. But it is within a couple of months of completion now. I now have two 500W 24 volt motors purchased to power this locomotive and they should give about a "horse and a half" to wheels. Fairly powerful for an engine that weighs less than 150 pounds! We also now have a wireless RC system designed for it and working to get Phoenix Sound to work with the RC system. It will be controlled by a FlySky FS-i6X, 2.4 giga htz transmitter.

      This is the transmitter with the labels superimposed over the various controls.

      I bought the large wheel castings for this Huskie from Railroad Supply Corp. in Nashua, N.H. These wheels are actually used on their 6-wheel heavyweight passenger cars. They are 5-1/2 inches in diameter at the tire and almost 5-7/8 overall diameter. These are big wheels. Beautiful quality cast iron to cut.


      Made a couple of lathe acquisitions in the past year or so, including the Quick Change tool holder and the massive 6-inch 3-jaw lathe chuck. Jaws are removable and you can add custom aluminum jaws to these chucks to do custom turning like these wheels. I make my own aluminum jaws. You just need to know the keyway dimensions and bolt locations for the particular chuck you are using. 


      This photo was taken about 5 month ago when I had completed the wheels and axles. I redesigned the old journal boxes (shown earlier in this thread) and made it easier to do maintenance on the axle bearings. The new journals are shown in this photo and the bearings and axles are installed. Journals are all installed in the journal box pockets with the heavy duty suspension springs installed. The wheels have since been pressed onto the axles and the back to back and flange gauge is correct for 7-1/2 inch gauge track. You can also see one of the two motors setting between the loco wireframes. This is to make sure there is plenty of room to mount the motors and have clearance under the engine and rail. In this photo, the frame is upside down. I also needed to find out if I had the room for the 8-inch "woofer" speaker for the Phoenix Sound. Phoenix Sound in these ride-on locomotives will actually shake the ground adjacent to the engine (with amplifiers and woofer speakers-which this engine will have).


      Close-up photo of the journal boxes, 3/4 inch diameter steel axle, springs between the journal box and the spring keepers. The ends of the axles are finished turned and ready to have the wheels pressed on. AND you can forget to install the two sprockets for the chain drive (#25 chain) BEFORE you press the wheels on! That is now completed :).


      Close-up the journal box, journal box keepers and the bearing cap held by 4 hex head bolts. Cap is easily removed for access to the bearing and to help press the bearing out for replacement if needed.


      Photo taken a couple of month ago. Actually sitting on it's own four "feet" and on the lift rack for the first time. Engine rolls very easy. Had to c-clamp the wheels to prevent it rolling off the rack. Probably weighs about 90-95 pounds now.


      Dry fitting the cab and hood. Stack with "rain flapper". Jack Bodenman angle number board headlight. Made by the same Master Model Maker who made my Sunbeam Golden Glo headlights for my Baldwin electrics. Krypton gas light bulb, chromed sin casting copper reflector and curved headlight glass. Just like the prototype.


      Fitting the sunshades and roof. There is a door and small step that is installed in the rear. Expecting new cast iron coupler pockets on Thursday and I can attach the Tom Bee cast steel automatic couplers.


      Sitting next to it's big sister's, the two Baldwin electrics. Size comparison.


      Still a good-sized locomotive next to the Baldwin electrics. I'm having a custom storage stand made for this engine in Markleeville, CA. But the Tamaeack Fire has delayed that welding project! :((

    • April 29, 2021 6:32 PM EDT
    • John,


      Love the color,architecture,plantings,trestle bents,etc and overall scheme. Ain't my era but I cannot say that ain't badass because it is!

    • April 29, 2021 6:27 PM EDT
    • Shawn Viggiano said:

      Wow amazing work.  Nothing beats real wood structures  








    • April 29, 2021 2:27 PM EDT
    • Nice!  Ive kept all my old buildings in. Service.  Some have even gotten new roofs and paint.

    • April 29, 2021 10:15 AM EDT

      The old 1:20.3 buildings now make up the ghost town of West Elk River.





    • April 28, 2021 11:27 AM EDT
    • The town of Elk River takes up a third of my layout in 7/8 scale.








    • April 24, 2021 7:05 AM EDT
    • Wow amazing work.  Nothing beats real wood structures  

    • April 23, 2021 9:59 PM EDT
    • Nice job dressing up your railway!  Those are some cool buildings and plenty of them!

    • April 23, 2021 9:53 PM EDT
    • water tower and pump house


    • April 19, 2021 2:41 PM EDT
    • John;


      The Thank button is currently not working.  Returns the message "There is an error occurred. Please try again !!!" and never changes.  So thanks for your most recent post & photos.


      Best, David Meashey

    • April 19, 2021 10:38 AM EDT
    • Put the engine house outside.



    • April 18, 2021 4:37 AM EDT
    • Very nice construction . . . 

    • April 17, 2021 10:21 PM EDT
    • Wow John

      You have been really busy building some very outstanding structures, Great job


    • April 17, 2021 7:01 PM EDT
    • Nice build John. That looks great