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    • August 14, 2020 9:54 AM EDT
    • Dan, are the 63120 brushes the correct brushes for those plastic holders? Years back I bought a bunch of lgb stuff from a guy and there was a lot of brush holders, just no brushes. I was thinking about doing exactly as you did.

    • August 14, 2020 9:41 AM EDT
    • Thanks dan. It seems to be made fairly well and it’s running characteristics are good (slow speed)though it seems to run slower on the same amount of voltage as my moguls. The smoke unit seems to smoke for a long time with a filling, longer than my moguls but I’ll have to actually time them to know for sure. 

    • August 14, 2020 7:56 AM EDT
    • I have added one power pickup to the rear truck on the tender.  Track power is in the tender at the rear socket.  I used the LGB 63193 and modified it with a Dremel in order to mount it on the front of the bolster.  This is needed as the wheels are smaller than the 'standard' wheel set on most LGB engines/tenders.

      Also note that if an idler gear goes bad, it can be replaced from the bottom of the motor block, unlike the Mogul which needs to be replaced from the top of the motor block.


    • August 13, 2020 11:35 PM EDT
    • Picked up this loco off of Facebook Market places couple days ago and today it was delivered. I realize it’s not true to any prototype but I thought it would make a nice American typeloco for moving my home made flat cars full of lumber from the mill to the town lumber dealer rather than using one of my Stainz locos. It has sound, smoke, directional lighting, with track magnet activated bell and whistle. The previous owner said that it ran good but the tender headlamp didn’t work and the smoke unit was untested. When I opened the box I was surprised at the physical size of the loco and tender. The drivers appear the same size as the moguls so it is actually quite large for a 2-4-0. The proportions seem off some and possibly toy like but running on the interior mainly of my layout it should look fine. i noticed there was no knob to adjust the sound so I removed the the tender top to find the sound board out of place and just laying inside the body. Possibly it got jarred loose in shipping but by design it looks somewhat hard for that to happen. I checked the connection for the tender headlamp, tested it with a transformer (it worked) repositioned the sound board, and reassembled it. I also removed the gear case floor plate  and greased it up. Couple things I noted were there is no electrical pickup on the tender and the loco, while having LGB markings, has ”made in China” on it too.

      Running the loco I was quite surprised and pleased with the sound, especially the bell and whistle. Both have a very pleasing, clear, proto-typical sound. The chuff and steam sound is also clearer than my moguls but it’s voltage activated, not triggered off the drivers. Even though there’s no power pickup in the tender, the engine ran smoothly through my switches with no studdering from momentary contact. The smoke unit worked great with lots of billowing smoke (using LGB fluid, not as much with Bachmann fluid) and the tender headlamp now works when reversing. It has substantial weight and easily pulled my homemade flat cars and caboose sounding great while doing it. It will be a nice , inexpensive addition to my railroad. The engine and tender cost me $120 delivered and I have to say I’m quite happy with it. 

    • August 14, 2020 1:18 AM EDT
    • I'm sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • August 13, 2020 7:36 PM EDT
    • welcome over here!

    • August 13, 2020 7:08 PM EDT
    • Welcome Neil

    • August 13, 2020 6:44 PM EDT
    • Thanks Vic, you must of read my mind,I was wondering about the F7's as well. Looks like they will look just fine running along side my USA stuff.

      Thanks again,


    • August 13, 2020 6:34 PM EDT
    • The Amfleet cars and the Genesis were the same scale, 1/29 or 1/27 or something and as such they look good running together. Definitely not 1/22.5... The F7 is also somewhere in this 1/29~1/27 range as well as the standard gauge streamlined cars. The 1/22.5 scale stuff is only the narrow gauge stuff, the standard gauge models are more akin to the Aristo scale stuff. LGB is not renowned for gauge fidelity, there stuff is all over the place even when its modeling stuff thats ostensibly from the same gauge

    • August 13, 2020 6:24 PM EDT
    • Ric Golding said:

        Talk to Rooster, you can bribe him with ground corn. 

      Only took you a minute to edit what you really had to say ?


      Amtrak thrives !!









      Scale matters not !



      Edit for 3 minutes

    • August 13, 2020 6:19 PM EDT
    • Welcome to LSC Michael !

    • August 13, 2020 4:49 PM EDT
    •   Talk to Rooster, you can bribe him with ground corn. 

    • August 13, 2020 4:09 PM EDT
    • I was looking at the LGB Amtrak amfleet cars and I came across a MRR article stating they were 1:29.Are they?I thought the typical LGB car was 1:22.5, am I correct in thinking that? If the cars are 1:29 then are all the different LGB Amtrak Locomotive 1:29 as well ?


    • August 13, 2020 2:10 PM EDT
    • Jim Stapleton has a complete stair walk-over at the exit of his steam-up bay, not too different from the one above posted by David. He had another into the center of the track but that was recently rebuilt with ramps to be wheelchair compatible.

    • August 13, 2020 2:05 PM EDT
    • Steve Weidner said:


        I suspect these were barged/shipped to Washington and then loaded on the truck.  Hope this helps.




    • August 13, 2020 12:40 PM EDT
    • Dave Meashey said:



      Got a question.  The little tourist line I helped at in PA had no rail connection to the outside world.  The ex-WP&Y locomotive is being transported by truck.  Do the Colorado narrow gauge tourist lines also lack a standard gauge connection to the outside world?  I would think that transporting via a heavy duty flat car would be a lot less expensive, despite having to lower the locomotive to the proper gauge once it arrived.


      This may seem like a "Captain Obvious" question to some of you, but the furthest west I have been is St. Louis, MO, AND I don't know a lot about the connections the current narrow gauge lines have.  I know that a few of them had dual gauge facilities once upon a time.


      Regards, David Meashey 

      David - White Pass is 3ft narrow the same as the Colorado RRs.  White pass is also isolated from any connection to standard guage.  Usually large items are barged either up or down to the US.  I suspect these were barged/shipped to Washington and then loaded on the truck.  Hope this helps.



    • August 13, 2020 11:39 AM EDT
    • Thanks for the photos. Interesting trailer they have it on.

    • August 13, 2020 8:08 AM EDT
    • The D&RGW from Antonito, NM to Denver, CO was dual gauge for many years, I can't recall at this time when the dual gauge was discontinued. This did connect the D&RGW narrow gauge to the outside world for sometime. I have pics of NG engines in Denver in there shops being worked on. So it was possible to get on a train in Silverton, CO and ride all the way to Denver, CO, of course you would have to change to many different passenger trains in the process. 


    • August 13, 2020 8:25 AM EDT
    • I have to say, Knock on Wood, that all my eBay purchases have been what I purchased and in a few cases I got more them I expected. I did have on bad experience with some BMW decals that I ordered from England, they got the address wrong and the decals came all the way to my post office and then were returned because of address mixup. After talking with eBay the sell decided it was easier to return my money them re-ship. I have decided to sell some of my LGB on eBay that is just setting in my closet for some 30 years, I guess I will see what happens.