R/C and Battery Power for the Berlyn Goose #6

I purchased my Berlyn Goose almost a year ago, and was pleased with it right out of the box. Magnificently built, complete detail, lighting and everything. My layout is exclusively battery and R/C, plus I wanted to add sound eventually. I bought a compact RCS unit from Tony Walsham. This unit is a more compact, throttle-only unit, different than his standard unit. It is the one that I put in my Whitcomb. I figured if I could fit it in the Whitcomb, there's plenty of room underneath the Goose.

Here's how I did it:

First, remove the rear truck/gearbox by removing the screw/spring combination in the center of the truck. The truck will now float around for access. Remove the 2 pieces of the driveshaft, using a small philips screwdriver, and set aside.

Cut the wires going to the front and rear wheel pickups.

Cut the wires going to the motor, about 3 inches long.

Mount the throttle unit as shown, between the motor and the rear truck. I use 1/16 thick double-sided tape made for R/C car racing. Mount the 2 chokes to either side of the throtle as shown.

Using your soldering skills, solder the wires from the motor to one side of the choke (using heat-shrink tubing to insulate the wires), and the other end of the choke to the 2 motor leads coming off the throttle. Thread the 2 battery leads up between the bed and the cab of the Goose, into the bed.

Mount the reciever at the far rear of the bed, underneath, and route the wire and plug underneath the support for the rear truck.

Trim for length, and solder the blue antenna lead to one side of the pickups on the rear truck. Then, reattach the truck to the bed using the spring and screw combination. Make sure it lines up and isn't binding.

My battery pack is made up of 12 AA sized NiHM, mounted in a wooden crate. This setup leaves plenty of room for a sound board and speaker (coming soon!)