Build log: PR&K South Western Railroad

About 2 months into it, I have decided to officially start keeping a log of my layout build. Although I have made slow progress, there is much to do. My goal is to complete the main loop before the year is out. My work calendar is quickly filling up my summer weekends so I may have to settle for half a loop. At any rate, work continues on cutting ties and laying a few more feet of rail here and there, courtesy of Llagas Creek. And the all important surrounding landscape is taking shape as well. Ever evolving but shaping up nonetheless. Speaking of evolving, I have decided on a name for my railroad: The PR & K South Western. P for me (Patrick), R for the wife (Rika), and K for the boy (Kenneth). South Western because, well, that's where we are. I am not overly concerned about continuity or incongruity so South Western landscape may or may not be modeled. It's just a fun name