Uploading photos from MAC.

 it's gotten easier to upload from a Mac.

1.First after you edit your photo on your computer, resize it to 350 pixels in width. Also make sure the file name is one word to seven characters.

2. When you write your note in the Forums use the updates that Bob did this past weekend.

3. You will click on the pine tree graphic at the top of your posting. It's the one third from the right.

4. A small box will open at the right of your message.

5. The top of the list it will ask for the URL of the photo and just paste in the URL you have.

6. At the bottom of the box there's a cancel box on the right and a box on the left that you may not see all of. Click on that one and your picture should come up in your message box.

7. Now you can post your message and picture.

It really gets to be an easy process after a couple times.. And you may be able to post your pictures 450 pixels wide.