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Build Log for the Future of the KVRwy As some of you may know, the Kaskaskia Valley Railway has been evolving, continuously from the golden spike laying of the HO version in 1982 to the large scale version's first figure 8 put on the ground in the backyard in 1996. The HO version had always existed...
Cleaning Vinyl Siding
Who said it?
Info for NNGC Convention 2010
Motorola Droid Ultra FAQ
Mik's Tools of the Trade, a Newbie's Primer
Standard Gauge Rolling Stock Reference Drawings
Goshen Trail
Converting a HLW 1:24 Flat Car to 1:20.3
"Rebuilding the Timesaver on the KVRwy" **************************************************************************************** For years, I’ve been a member and worked with the Gateway Garden Railroad Club’s modular layout.  This layout is basically a set of double loops occupyi...