Solutions for your Operating Crews

We have our Spring and Fall Ops Sessions.  It always ends with a critique of "How can we improve things?"  What tools do you need to do your job better? 

Well the participants said they could use a copy of the rules and a list of the stations like we used to have before we started using RailOps.

Before the software program RailOps was used to create "Manifests", our old train orders showed the Time Schedule, list of stations in east and west bound order, plus the "Rules Of Operations". 

Well, RailOps didn't allow for that type of room.  So for a number of years we didn't have these rules in an easy format for the crews to carry. 

In this Fall Session we are trying a new solutions.  A template has been made to preprint the sheets that will be put in the printer for the Manifests.  Instead of blank paper, the paper put in the printer will have the following template printed on the back.  It may resolve another of the concerns. 



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