Winning the battle against weeds!

I am sure every one with a ground level Garden
Railroad with plantings has this problem.
There are four sources for weeds, weeds that have gone
to seed spreading their seeds, the soil itself has
seeds that have not yet germinated, the neighbors'
yards blowing over, and birds dropping seeds. I guess
you never heard of the way to prevent them. First you
get rid of all you see either by pulling or using a
chemical like Roundup. Once the weeds are under
control or eliminated, use the product "PREEN" (it
looks like bright yellow saw dust) use the "Gardens &
Beds" type. Read the instructions! It prevents weeds
all season eliminating need for hand pulling. It can
be used any time throughout the growing season. Spread
it liberally on the area you want to keep free of
weeds. It is a PRE EMERGENT. That means that it
prevents seeds from germinating by killing them before
they can germinate. You will still get some new ones
that have already began to grow but NO new ones. It
won't be long before you have the upper hand. You can
mix it into soil as you spread it and that will help
from below.

PREEN can be purchased at most all garden centers. It
comes in a 5 lb. container which will cover a minimum
area of 800 SQ,FT.
We put it into an old well-marked Parmesan cheese
dispenser and set it with one hole open for shaking

After applying , rake it into the top 1/2" to 1" of
soil. This will help prevent it from blowing around or
migrating when being watered.

It will have no effect on existing plants or new
planting and watering will not diminish its

Carl Tobin Aug 19-04

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