WCNG No8, A Bachmann BAsh in Progress!




    It all started when I purchsed a BachmannOutside Frame 2-8-0 Consolidation (Affectionately known as Connie). After careful examintation, I decided that I can do a little somethingin 7/8 scale with it.  Since turntables are absent on the WCNG itwuld have to recieve a trailing truck for backing movements.  So whatnot add a whole new superstructure, bigger boiler, bigger firebox to justifythe trailing truck!

January 3, 2003

        There she sits,all pristine, straight from the box.  Looks scared doesnt She? i started by stripping off everything that I didn;t want fer this bash.

         Thatpretty much took it all the way down to chasis, and then some.  Withthis much done the plotting and planning begins!  By the end of theevning I had roughed in a boiler.

    Well its a start!.........  and the Adventure Contiues!

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