Spoutin' Off III, An Editorial by Bart Salmons

       Someone once told me, "At least when I finish a model, it tendsto stay finished."  He was referring to my constant building and rebuilding of items for my railline....even the rail line itself.  Thats because I'm always endevoring to 'refine the look'.  Everyonehas a little different style when it comes to their railroad art, and manyof us improve as we delve deeper in, try out new techniques, or just generalyget better at the old ones.

          Fer Example, last fall I scratchbuilt  a nifty little 2-6-0 from herdrivers up.  Cute little bugger she was too. but then the more I lookedat it the more I felt that some things just weren't right about it. I studied the problem, and then at some point in January, I figgered outwhat was wrong.  Out came the saws, xacto knife and sheet styrene,in a day or so I had done it.  A new 4 wheel tender (as opposed tothe old 8 wheeled one) and a shortening of the pilot, with subsequent removalof the pony truck coverting her to an 0-6-0.  Now she is the locomotivethat I started out to build!

           In another case study, years ago I built a 2-4-4-2 in standard gauage 1:32scale.  This was Ol No4.  When I decided to convert to 7/8 scale,I needed a locomotive fast, so No 4 got a new cab and tender, side tanks,and some assorted details to make her a 7/8 scale 0-4-4-0 T+T.  Well after completeing a few other locomotives, I wasn't happy with herlooks, so shes currently on the bench getting a complete rebuild this time!

           Once again I guess it goes to show, theres no right way to pursue thishobby, everyone does their own thing, and does it well!  Don;t beafraid to try something new, and don;t be afraid to wipe the slate cleanand start over!  Variety makes life interesting!

Da End

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