Part 3 A Raised Road Bed: A build log for the RGS raised layout: Mancos

Mancos: June 10, 2015

This is the next town on the Rio Grande Southern after Delores. Yesterday morning I bought some more material to

Continue on to the next module, more capblocks 2x4's and PVC board. Spent the morning getting these down and together. 

Then got the screen down and stapled and called it a day.



This morning I started on the roadbed and installed the platforn for the station. 

Once I had the road bed where I wanted the track work started. 

 Update July 6, 2015:

Finished the module for Mancos last thursday, but with the rain and other things, finally got to it today. 

From the right end It will begin it's long curve to get to the other side of those trees. 

Layed out the roadbed and positioned the switches where I wanted them, then started on the track. 

In the right foreground is the lead to the stock pen. On the left is the mainline and in the middle the passing siding. In the right background will be the lead to the Freight House. 

View from Delores yard:

I also started working on a facade to cover the entrance into the shed.

 Update July 7, 2015:

Today I finished framing out the module for Mancos. 

Once that was done, the supporting cross pieces were placed and screwed down.

Now I have to decide which side of the tree I want to go around. 

Here also is a few different ways I fasten the road bed down.

Update July 9, 2015:

Got a break from the weather and other chores and fastened the screen down. 

Then started on the track and roadbed. Laid out where the siding for the stock pens will go and finished up with the main line and passing siding.

Put a short lead in so I can use the siding and main to runaround. 

It was a bit muggy so I took an early quit............

July 11 2015 Update:

Today I worked on getting the sidings in. The humidity broke yesterday so today was a pleasant 80 degree day. 

Made a slight deviation from the track plan since a second siding coming this way didn't fit. So I turned the switch around and ran the siding the the other way. Nothing like a switchback to keep things interesting. 

I need to get more 1x3 PVC trimplank to finish up the middle siding. All that was left was bit's and pieces. Cleaned up the layout a bit, then went inside and built a train or 2 to run between Delores and Mancos. Printed it out and grabbed a loco. 

Aug 4 2115 Update:

With the trip to Canada, the muggy weather and then the rain, I haven't gotten much done. I also re did the Ops software to reflect what I have so far and work out any bugs I may have entered. I printed out a manifest and went to work.

First up was assembling the train in Delores.

Then had some switching to do at the Interchange.

Then it was off to Mancos.

Pretty straight forward, drp 3 cars off at the Depot and one at the stock pens. Then a run light back to Delores.

The second train was a bit more complicated and had me scratching my head for a bit.

I also made a few notes on what I thought I should change.

The second train involved picking up a stock car and the reefer and coal car at the warehouse.  This was a facing point move with a switch back.

I didn't have much room to maneuver since there's a short lead at the far end of Mancos. Moving the 3 cars at the depot to the stock yard l spur allowed me to use that track for a run around move.

The do the same in reverse and place the 3 cars back where they should be.

Worl completed and head back to Delores.

All this gave me the opportunity to find out what changes I needed to make on the JMRI program.

Aug 6 2015 Update:

Today I moved some dirt. For $25 I picked up a pick up truck load of topsoil and some peat moss. Then screened the dirt further and added some peat moss to the mix.

Since I don't have the side sill on all the way around, the raised roadbed acted as a barrier, so I just spread the dirt where I could. It covered quite a bit with a lot left over.

This gives it a much needed "finished" look. I also planted some Thyme I dug up from the old layout.

Much improved appearance wise.

Aug. 17 2015 Update:

Mathesons Cold Storage needed a loading ramp, so some left over cedar was used to build that. 

I had also planned to widen the platform at Delores, so while it was hot and muggy, that got done. 

To make it easier on visitors I added some labels to help identify the industries and sidings. 

I also added some more of the side sills up to Mancos. 

Aug 20 2015 Update:

Since I'm getting to the point on this build where I'm putting down dirt, I thought I share the process I've been using. 

I have a pile in the one corner that I was going to use but it's mostly all clay and with the weather being so hot and muggy digging that stuff up didn't appeal to me. For $25 a cubic yard which measures out to a pick up truck load (about 1800#'s) I could get some pretty nice screened topsoil. I further screen it when I use it with this:

Which is nothing more theb the 1/4" plastic fence double up and nailed and stabled to a couple of 1x3's. That's about 15 shovel fulls in the cart. 

Then I add about 4-5 scoops of peat moss to that and mix that in. 

Sounds like a lot of work, but it only takes about 15-20 minutes. When I'm done with the screening I end up with 2 piles in the cart. The screened dirt and the stuff that was screened out. It looks like this:

I put this stuff down first with the screened soil going on top of that. 

That way none goes to waste. After a few rains and it settles it'll all blend together.  Some of the tools I use to spread it on the layout. 

That large feed scoop really comes in handy. The blue brush on top the pile of dirt is what I use to spread the dirt. Large areas I use the street broom at the bottom of the pic. And that gives me this:





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