Part 2: A Raised Road Bed: A build log for the RGS raised layout

April 13, 2015

This morning I dismantled most of the track work and road bed in Delores. All that's left there now are some Aristo switches and some 332 track which I'll probably re-use in the shed as storage tracks. Trying to straighten out that PVC board can be a real pain after it's used on curves and some of the screws were so rusted I had to use pliers to get them out. That took up most of the morning. 

After lunch I was ready to get more track down. I finally got most of the switches laid out where I wanted them then it was a matter of tying down the ladder.

I had to off set the 3-way on the ladder a bit because of the spline under it that holds it together. The switch in the fore ground will be placed 3 or 4 ' further away from the 3-way.

I still have the 2 outside tracks left to tie into the switches. 

Probably won't get much done on it today since I have about 5 yards of mulch that needs to spread around. 

April 15, 2015 Update:

Today I continued working on the bench work. This will complete the Delores area when it's done. 

Once I finish trimming those boards, I can start on the PVC board. Then it was on to the track work.

Trimmed the throws down a bit so they didn't interfere with next track.

I thought about adding another switch to the far right track and connecting it to the next one over, but decided it wasn't necessary with all 3 tracks in line with the turntable.


April 16:

This morning I got more of the bench work done in Delores and tied all the switches in. Placed a temporary switching lead at the end of the track

so I could test the track work out in the afternoon. 

After lunch I cut the grass, then grabbed No 22 and 4 cars and shuffled them around to see how everything worked. 

I was pleased with how everything worked so far and it was enjoyable to run a train on a nice afternoon. The turntable does need some work, but that can be done in place.

April 18 2015 Update:

Sat morning I pulled up the track and ladder in Mancos. Then laid out the track to where the Delores Freight and the Coaling tower would be. 

The tower needs some work, but that's usually an every year thing since it's about 20 years old. I just wanted to get it positioned and the switching lead in for it.

I also laid out the track for the lead to the Interchange and positioned the Depot, the started on the road bed for that. 

I can also widen the platform on the Depot now that there's a little more room for it. I'll have a run around track on the back side that ties into the Interchange track.

I haven't decided yet on which side of the Depot the water tank will sit, so right now it just gets moved around out the way. 

I also have some ladder that I had ripped down from 1x6" PVC board that needs to be trim down to the right height. It's a tad bit taller then the 1x3" stuff

It doesn't quite match the plan I made during the winter, but then it never does. All in all it was a good day. Got a lot done and the plan seems to be coming together the way I want it. 


April 19 Update:

If you'll notice I re-positioned the switch leading to the Interchange.

First location:

Second and better location:

In front of the Yard and Freight House switch. 

This led to a better lead connecting the 2 areas. 

I also finalized the track arrangement that goes into the shed/storage/ Interchange.

Now I have to work on extending the bench work to finish up the Delores area. 

I didn't get a picture of it, but I pulled up all the track and roadbed in Mancos. All that's left there is the station, 2 buildings and the stock pens. 

It doesn't exactly match the RRTrack plan, but it works. 


April 30 update:

Extended the Delores area to it's final size before beginning the run to Mancos. It still needs the PVC boards placed and nailed down, but this will give you an idea of the size.

Most of this leading into the yard will be track and scenery. 

The rest of the bench work will be at this level as it continues toward the next town, resting on cap blocks. 

May 02, 2015 Update:

First thing this morning was a run to Lowes fro some 1 x 6 PVC boards. Got those screwed down and the mesh attached, then on to the roadbed and track. 

I thought I'd be able to tie the lead into the yard but it seemed like too tight a curve, so It'll tie in behind this switch. 


Spent most of the morning working on the boards and stapling the mesh down, then after lunch cut the grass. Once that was done I could start laying out the road bed. 


 May 4 2015 update:

Today I decided to take a break from building and in the morning gave some of the older switches a coat of used motor oil. This also gave me a chance to see which ones needed some tuning up. In the afternoon, I gave No 455 a test run over the track work. Found a couple ot trouble spots, and these will be worked on. 

The awning on the cab hits the Train Order signal on the Depot, so I think I'll move it up to the tower.

On the turntable, the awning is also catching on one of the down guys. I can tighten that up so it's out of the way. 

May 5, 2015 Update:

Here we go with C.I.P. #47

Looking over what's been done so far I was never satisfied with the lead going under the coaling tower. I also notice a one of my extra switches looked like it would fit on the 3rd track over coming off the turntable. When I laid it on top of that track, it was a near perfect fit. Voila! Perfect solution! Install that switch at the turntable, straighten out and extend the lead to the coaling tower and I've just gained some more yard space. 

I haven't had much chance to work on the layout lately due to life getting in the way, but I did grab a few hours this morning and worked on this. 


May 14, 2015 Update:

Finally got a chance to work on this after all the yard work that needed doing. I ran up to Lowe's this morning for some more PVC board and netting. 

Then got started on finishing up the Delores Yard area. I needed a right hand turnout  for this too, and that took some time. 

This portion is on a small grade as it makes it way to where Mancos will be situated.  It's 26" wide here and will start to curve from this point in a long U shape. 

After cutting the PVC into 26" lengths and getting them fastened down, the netting was put down. Then it was a matter of tying in the road bed to  what was in place. 

In the picture below the curve will start at the end of the bench work and curve around to the right. 

I need another test run to try all this out............

May 19, 2015 Update:

I've gotten another section of module done. This will be the main line to the next town of Mancos and will be the height of the RR till we get around the trees and tie into the Wye. I'll be using the Brass 250 track for the runs between town and the Aluminum 250 in the towns themselves. The aluminum track is a lot easier to cut when when switchs need to be placed.  I also cleared out some space inside the shed where the Storage/Interchange track will be. 

Inside the shed:

That stringer along the back wall is the height of the shelf for the storage tracks. The height is about 36". I had to raise that cabinet in the middle up to get more clearance under it. 

This is where the track will enter the shed in that back corner. As soon as the shelf is built I'll cut the opening in the wall there and tie in the track.

But, I still have some rearranging to do in the other corner. 

May 20, 2015 Update:

I cleared out the messy corner, removed the old shelf and finished up the stringer along the back wall. 

After placing supports for the shelf at every other stud, I was ready for the shelf. 

Then it was just a matter of making a hole in the wall and framing up around it. Once that was done I had to extend the road bed over to the opening and position the track. 

Then it was back inside and lay out the track.

I'll be using the left over code 332 brass track inside here. 5 tracks approx. 16' long. 

Yea, I know. The holes crooked..............I need to finish that part up. And think of what kind of building flat to place there. Freight House maybe?

And a temporary door to keep the critters out. 

Wet and rainy May 21, 2015 Update:

Took the track up in the shed and painted the bench work. 

Also had a few shelves with some scrap plywood.

I did manage to get all the rolling stock moved out of the garage and into the shed, which freed up 3 more turnouts. 

I also ran another shelf between the storage yard and the cabinet to hold any excess cars. 

Then built another bench outside and completed the turn into where Mancos will start. Planted 2 shrubs that I dug up from the other layout. 

Not sure what the name of them are. I lost the tag somewhere.

Then it's on to Mancos. Which will probably be Part 3. 


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