Spoutin Off IV: HAppy Birthday LSC By Bart Salmons

So here it is a year since what we had come to know as our 'large scale home' online went on to that server space in the sky. I remember coming home that evening, thinking of spending a relaxing evening at the workbench, and a few hours ragchew with the gang. I admit I wasn't real happy with some of the policies of that site's proprietor, but I enjoyed the fellowship. Nothing prepared me for what I found.

A goofy graphic, with two goofy people waving bye-bye. No warning, just a list of wherefores. Ancient history. To say the least we all were disappointed, and maybe just a little betrayed. All I can say is 'Thank god for IM' .

Enter stage left Largescale Central, not to mention a bevey of other 'replacement' sites. Round about here things started to get heated, rumors started flying, and toes got stepped on-the fight was on. Who would come out the winner? Was someone going to buy the old place and return it to its former glory? Was it to be that one of the new sites would become THE place for Large Scale on the Net? Actually, none of the above.

Seems like it it just sorta all went to pieces, the collector types got their piece, the gardeners got their piece, we all sorta got our piece. Seems the debates are not as heated, and we don't have knockdown dragouts over 1/4 inch anymore, but we all seem to mosey along. With that I'm inclined to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LSC!!! - and let that other place rest in piece ; or is that pieces?

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