Weathering technique #1

then I put a little tutorial on building a water tank on paper.
You can use any other material. I do this with paper to fit in a diorama.
It is the first tutorial I do, that is to please be kind.

First, we cut the paper into the desired shape, in this case a rectangle. (1)
Then give it a little way to make it easier to handle. (2)
Glue one side with glue. This allows us to adjust the paper without problems. (3)

We damage the edges at will. We bend and wrinkle a bit, then back to its original position, leaving wrinkles and minor damage. (4)
The colors used are all acrylic, with these Sand, Black, Rust and Rust Brown Transparent. (5)
We apply the sand-colored dissolved in a solution of water and alcohol in equal parts. (6)

We then apply the matte black, very diluted alcohol. In a non-uniform and only in those areas that want more obscure. (7)
When the brush is almost dry, we take to implement the remains throughout the deposit,
with special incidence in the damaged areas.

We the Oxide and Oxide Brown Transparent get to mix completely. Load the brush and dip it in alcohol. (9)
We apply the brush loaded from top to bottom in a uniform manner throughout the deposit. (10)
The mixture will begin to dry quickly, so that we will use a brush dipped in alcohol tinted, to mark the same from top to bottom, creating an effect of Venetian plaster. (I think the technique is named) (11)

We put the deposit on a base so that it dries, take a circular shape. (12)
We then apply the dry brush with color and black sand several times in succession.
With particular attention to the damaged areas. (13)
For the next sanding, I use the sandpaper, which know the brand and how the grain size.
If anyone knows, that comment would be nice. (14)

Skip the sandpaper carefully up and down, also with greater emphasis on the damaged areas.(15)
And we finished tank. We can apply a layer of matte varnish, if desired. (16)
Here you can see the color difference from one side to another, as we find applied over black or not. (17)

I hope you serve something this tutorial. This technique is used for almost everything, playing with black and rust can give more or less look old. If you use sand instead of another color as a basis, taking into account the need to apply a little color contrast, this may be a tone lighter than the base color.
Well, I wish they told me that you think, with your ideas we can improve this technique.



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