Goshen Trail

The Goshen Road through Southern Illinois

Before 04/12/09

An attempt to establish recognition and funding for a bike trail around Carlyle Lake exposed me to other possibilites of connecting this bike trail with othe Counties and other Communities.  In correspondence with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, they became interested in treating the "Goshen Trail" as a seperate project.  This has caused me to search the internet and other references for location of this trail.  I have found in my limited research period that there are some references and research that has been done ahead of what I'm trying, but it does not seem that it has been combined into one piece.  As I gather info, I have realized that it is probably best to divide the info by County.

Working from the Salt Works by Shawneetown toward Goshen (Glen Carbon) the Counties are -

Gallatin County

Saline County

Hamilton County

Jefferson County

Marion County

Clinton County

Madison County 


The History of Glen Carbon Pg 4. – 977.386 Starting at Shawneetown, the road passed near the present town of Equality, through the old Wolf Creek Cemetery on the western edge of Eldorado where deep ruts from the wagon wheels may still be seen. At the west end of the cemetery the road joined the old Shawneetown-Kaskaskia Trails as far as Raleigh, then turned north through Walpole, Independence and Moore’s Prairie. The History of Glen Carbon Pg 4. – 977.386


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