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    Amtrack to discontinue ghost trains
    Oh well, changing to box dinners would have ruined the spirit of the trains anyway.Although, ...
    ... they could have offered the dinners in pine boxes as a marketing gimmick.
    I mean, hey, ......... if the potential diners are already in pine boxes...  more
    Bachmann "Royal Blue" coaches
    A while ago someone was looking for some bachmann 'Royal Blue' coaches.  There's a guy on the Facebook swap and shop group, Craig Anonsen, selling a whole bunch of stuff, including 4 coaches (2 he calls diners, which seem to have tables and people in...  more
    AccuCraft's new Gauge 1 passenger cars...
    'kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  If anybody reading this is interested, I've found a custom decal maker in Winnipeg who has offered to make names and numbers for those new AccuCraft cars that may have carried them - sleepers, diners and observation cars, I blee...  more
    Two diverse questions...
    Ah well, it seems that 50% of my car names problem has been solved.  Only observation, sleeper and diners ever got names in the Grove car era....which these non-descript cars would almost emulate, but not quite.Thanks, Fred, for the phonecall and cha...  more
    Lolly's Diner
    What Bruce is showing is what most of those old diners had for an entrance that I remember. 
    Superliners in 1:29
    With the sleeper and diner, now all you need is the lounge ;)
    Is that Sleeper #32040? Superliner II Sleepers are #32070 - #32118.
    Is that Diner #38070? Superliner II Diners are #38039 - #38068.
    I have slobered all over Hebners site for quite some time but never looked at the Diners (why I don't know) but I think you may be on too it! Still can't find a close enough match to Ralphs original photo too say yeah or ney.
    Nice call though!
    ECLSTS 2010 Drag and Brag, Who's bringing what?
    Send up 83 too the Hillside for steak and eggs! but salad only for Andy. Pass a lot of diners in Dover area up 74 that always seem packed when I go by, ever eaten at any of them Dave? See signs for liver and onions so gotta be good! I want haug mauw ....
    Aristo-Craft Santafe Aluminum Streamliner Cars
    I have 17 Aristo-Craft Santafe Aluminum Strealiner cars for sale. Included are 3 baggae cars, 3 dome cars, diners, coaches, and 2 observations. 13 of the cars have been lowered and have body mount Kadee 830's. The other 4 still have Aristo couplers and ha...  more