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    Topic: SD60f Build
    Canadian National SD60f Build
    This build will require an Aristocraft SD45, 2 pieces of aluminum angles 1/16” x 3/4” x 25 1/2”, 3 USA trains SD70 roof fans and DB fan, and lots of styrene....  more

    I'm digging the snowplow stripes
    Union Pacific was quite prolific in the 70s with Aluminum Paint and Black strips on their MOW equipment.
    Before that, they even did the inverse. ...  more
    STARS build log: Installing on a slope
    The plastic wrap really did not work well.  High failure rate.  What DID work was an aluminum dryer vent line. 4"diameter and expandable.  I should write this up so others are not misled
    Too many cars !
    It was too hot to go out in the boat, which was the plan made yesterday, so I hid in the basement looking for things to do. I decided not to wait until tomorrow night for bent aluminum trim. I had enough flat black vinyl to wrap the face of the frame, and...  more
    Elevated track materials
    Jon Radder said:
    I've experimented with a number of riser materials. I have some thick wall aluminum conduit that I have tried, I don't like it because it won't take a self-taping screw. I have used Pressure Treated 1x2 driven down between the ladder, whi...  more
    Tunnel material
    I used a corrugated aluminum culvert pipe for my tunnel as it has edges that 'lock' in the dirt around it.  Found a 12 inch diameter piece.  18 years and no settling issues.
    Beating the Boredom - Ozark Backwoods Diesel Boxcab
    More progress, although slow due to other commitments.
    The headlight got a layer of aluminum foil on the reflector. It's ready to be wired, but until we have a roof it will have to wait.
    Here's the working draft gear being glued in place. Ma...  more
    Wanted:Llagas Creek Turnouts
    Brass or aluminum?
    Beating the Boredom - Brunt Coal on the C.V.S.Ry.
    With processing of the bents and stringers through the soak and dry process behind me, I moved on to other tasks. The most difficult was removing the AML aluminum track from it's tie strips. I struggled with that for a long time, but got it done and paint...  more
    Dual Gauge Turnout Build
    Gary Buchanan, FOG said:
    I've done a few, tedious but doable, mine are all code 332 aluminum so no soldering is needed
     ...  more
    Did yall know this? Why didn't anyone tell me??
    The only weight added would be the batteries, but I can't remember if I removed the USAT weight. 
    Aluminum rail, mostly all Bachmann cars....  more