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    • June 22, 2003 10:15 AM EDT

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      Hello Listers. At long last I have been able to make some time to get a bit more done to the "TITAN". I changed out the 1200mah 14.4 volt "AA" Ni-Cad pack for a 2100 mah 12 volt "AA" NiMh pack. The lower voltage gives a slightly slower more prototypical top speed and makes the starts and stops smoother. I glued the pack to a styrene base with silicone grouting and made the base removable if needed.

      The TITAN is a mobile demo for my EVO series R/C systems. Shown here on the bottom is the EVO-4A. The EVO-2A has more than enough power but the EVO-4A has a slightly lower profile. Above the throttle is a prototype version of the soon to be released EVO-SW for the Horn, Bell, Forced Notch 8 and working ditch lights. All done using just the spare Channel # 1 stick.

      For now I am using a Dallee Alco switcher sound that has a specially programmed chip with a single chime Blaaaaarp horn and a 9" hand bell instead of the regular diesel bell. Eventually Dallee will be supplying a small 6 cylinder Gardiner diesel sound for critters just like this. The Dallee sound is quite reasonable considering the low cost. Best of all unlike most other diesel sound systems notch 8 can be forced so that the engine revs up BEFORE moving. I secured the Dallee pcb up in the rear hood above the throttle with silicone. I am using two small 8 ohm speakers in series. 1 in each hood.

      The art teacher at a private school painted the driver for me as I am a bit colour blind. His clothing is a bit bright but a good dusting with chalk should dull it down a bit. Gordon Watson turned up the brass horn for me and I fabricated the bell pull from brass wire and tube. I will draw up some instruments and finish painting the controls asap.

      Richard Longley from Brandbright is making me some etched brass name plates to mount on the side panels. The RR is the very essence of modernity in that TITAN has working ditch lights front and rear. They switch automatically with direction change by using a small SPDT relay to direct power. Now I think TITAN needs a roof to protect the driver.

      Although still not finished I have had a lot of fun converting this loco and I hope to get time to do some more locos in the future. Best wishes, Tony Walsham (RCS).

      Best wishes,
      Tony Walsham

      Remote Control Systems.
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    • June 22, 2003 1:13 PM EDT
      • Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada
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      Nice stuff!

      How about a canvas cover (sunshade) for the driver, instead of a roof?

      The other thing I noticed is the absence of Cane snake deflectors on the pilots! hehehehe





      Coldstream, BC  Canada

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    • June 23, 2003 6:49 PM EDT
      • Adelaide, South Australia
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      Looking good, Tony. Look forward to seeing it in person when K & I get to Melbourne again

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