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    • April 16, 2018 7:53 AM EDT
      • Cumming, GA
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      Being that its a hobby one would think you would stay in G scale as you like building  and yes you can build anything in HO.  The only reason I switched year ago as no room for HO and as one gets older eye sight comes into play for the smaller scales and also handling of the.  I go through stages of not operating my G scale as I did with the HO as I got bored and change direction for a while to take a break.  I still love the G scale and now considering removing ground RR and now make it a table top out doors as I got a new interest being Live steam.  So many new ideas for this new RR which will include having the RR wired also for DCC.  This has raised my interest level to a new high and planning the new RR and compiling my material  to start construction has got me motivated again.  One must look at it as a hobby and enjoy the building as well as the running of the RR no matter what scale. Later RJD

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