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    • September 15, 2011 4:20 PM EDT

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      I have just finished another Bachmann 2-6-6-2T battery R/C installation. This installation is a bit different from the last one I did. I used my new PRO-PnP ESC, which can be used with track or battery power, and MyLocosound. It can also be set up for use with track power and battery back up via the screw terminals on the ESC. Doing it this way reduces the voltage drop there would be if the battery was routed to the loco battery input. The PRO-PnP part is a simple plug in installation. The complication is placing the MyLocosound pcb so that it is accessible for tuning the pitch of the whistle and adjusting volume levels. Here is the link to the article on how to get access to the innards of the loco. Here is how the PRO-PnP plugs into the Bachmann socket.

      The white and yellow wires carry the lighting command from the Decoder in the bunker to the ESC. Then the standard Bachmann wiring does the rest. The various wires are routed back to the bunker via the space under the floor. I had to use an extension lead to add to the length of the 4 x way cable that connects the ESC to the decoder. I used a small scrap of styrene to hold the wires in the groove.

      The AA size 2000 mah ENELOOP hybrid batteries I usually fit are mounted in the water tank. The white styrene plate holds the standard RCS BIK-U3A installation kit which has an On-Off switch, Polyswitches and the cable for the pre-wired charge jack. See last pic. I made plugs and sockets so that the water tank part is removable if necessary.

      The most difficult part of the installation was deciding how to cater for the MyLocosound which needs access for adjustment. I decided to fabricate a slide in tray mounted vertically in the bunker. I mounted the MyLocosound and RCS decoder part to a sheet of styrene with silicone adhesive. As long as the decoder part is roughly in the middle of the bunker front to back, it will fit under the removable coal load. See later pix.

      The slide in tray fits neatly down into the bunker. I fabricated the slide guides from strips of styrene. The charge jack can be seen mounted on the bunker next to where the ladder plugs in.

      It slides up to access the MyLocosound and for fitment of the plug in RX

      Here is the nice clean and tidy space under the domes. I realised that even though the BIK-U23A is tall it will fit under the rear dome. Nice and handy for switching On - OFF.

      Thanks for your attention. Drop me a line if you have any further questions.

      Best wishes,
      Tony Walsham

      Remote Control Systems.
        Modern technology. Old Fashioned reliability

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